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There was a time when Craigslist was the place to go for all your dating needs. It was not only free but had a ton of people using the service. Most Craigslist dating reviews praised the platform. 

These days are long gone as the website closed the section for good. But you probably already know about it from our casual encounter Craigslist review. So, to cut to the chase, there are a ton of Craigslist personals alternatives, to which you should absolutely give a try.

At number one on our alternatives to Craigslist personals list is the DoubleList personals review. A relatively new website with an ever-increasing user base. People dub it as DoubleList craigslist often. This is mainly due to the age category of the website being young adults. Typically, most users use DoubleList classifieds to hook-up. 

  • Nice and simple UI to get you started
  • A massive install base
  • Well protected from fraudsters
  • Profiles are highly customizable

Keep an eye on it as it’s one of those Craigslist casual encounter alternatives that will only get better with time and this concludes our DoubleList review, let’s move on. 

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CityxGuide dating is a free classifieds website, which is primarily focused on delivering female escort service. 

  • Will not use a lot of Internet data
  • Well-maintained and constantly updated
  • Works globally
  • Lots of adult sections
  • Free

The core user base is young adults from 26 to 36. And the main mission of the site is, as we mentioned, escort services and sex. As most CityxGuide reviews state, you won’t find serious relationships here.

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The Casualx website is a dedicated platform designed to deliver casual encounters. So, is Casualx free? It does have a free plan. Is Casualx legit? Absolutely. Many adult personals review publications mention that this site welcomes all age groups possible but most CasualX reviews fail to notice the great security so there’s that. 

  • Great desktop version
  • All profiles are verified
  • Feature complete iOS and Android apps
  • Both local and remote security options

From teens to seniors, you will be able to meet just about anyone. The website can be used for hookups and serious relationships. It’s one of the best alternatives to craigslist casual encounters. Also, in case you are wondering, we’ll do a CasualX app review a tad later. 

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As the name implies, Bedpage is a classifieds site that is quite similar to CityxGuide. The main difference stems from the fact that it offers just about anything in terms of dating. What we mean is that you can find sugar babes, live cams, and even escort ads. 

  • Ability to sign up using Google Accounts
  • A ton of different categories
  • Free to use
  • Available worldwide

This is also an entirely unique system that does not follow any Craigslist personals review. The main age category is adults but you can encounter some seniors. So, is real, you have to try it yourself to get the answer. 

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Kinky ads, as you might have guessed, is a pretty kinky website. It was built with a Craigslist adults service review in mind, meaning that it tries to be a direct replacement. So, is Kinkyads free? Yes, but it is limited. 

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Free to start
  • A simple but effective user interface
  • No photo and ad limits

The main reason why people use the site is sex. You will have a hard time finding someone for serious relationships as mentioned in any Kinkyads review. You can meet both young adults and seniors.  

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This one is one of the most underrated websites as it not only has a nice user base but a pretty solid number of categories to choose from. That’s right, Book of Matches dating options are not limited to just a single section. Now we won’t cover them all as we think that a  full-on Bookofmatches review wouldn’t cover it. 

  • Absolutely free
  • Users are manually verified
  • Employs the latest security certificates

There are teens, seniors, and young adults here. Also, there is Bookofmatches mobile as mentioned in the Bookofmatches login page. It is pretty solid but there are few refinements necessary. In our opinion, the platform is one of the best Craigslist casual alternatives.

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The eBackpage classifieds website is very similar to CityxGuide and Bedpage due to using the same site structure and offering a pretty similar number of active users. What separates the eBackpage dating site is its inclusion of Asian countries. The audience is primarily young adults. Despite having a ton of different ads, most people do Backpage posting for sex.

  • Strong emphasis on Asians
  • Content and ads are updated daily
  • A good userbase
  • Has a dedicated Gallery mode

So, is eBackpage legit? It is. Many reviews focus on the fact that it belongs to the good Craigslist alternatives (personals) and in our opinion, that is pretty accurate as it has everything to get you started. 

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If you ask us what is Pernals? Well, say that Pernals personals is the best mobile-focused platform. Most Pernals reviews highlight this as a negative but we think it is a massive advantage. 

  • Mobile-only
  • An incredible amount of active users
  • Has location-based searches
  • Free and Premium options

It has roughly 200,000+ installs on both iOS and Android. The main audience is young adults that seek casual encounters and sex. 

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Backlist24 is a pretty interesting platform as it does not offer anything exclusive but at the same time maintains outstanding quality. Sites like Doublelist and others try to mimic this formula but somehow they miss the mark. 

  • Ads are manually reviewed
  • Simple user interface
  • A fast registration process

So, why this is an alternative? Most publications focused on doing a Craigslist casual encounter review but it had so much more than that, which is precisely what this site is all about. Mostly, older couples and young adults use it. 

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And the last one on our list is Ads Encounters and this is an interesting one as it is fairly new but already has a huge list of ads and active users. When seeing a Craig personals review, most note the fact that it’s pretty easy to use. 

  • Has a free plan
  • Very fast and responsive
  • Each ad is quality checked

The age group of the site are young adults and seniors, each has its own section. It is one of those Craigslist alternatives for personals that you should definitely try out. 

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