As you might have guessed from its name, Cougar Life dating platform is something else. This is a dating site that crashes all the limits with a loud cracking sound. Too old to date a guy in his twenties? Never heard of that. CougarLife is a dating site where mature and sexy women date younger men, and they freaking love it. This platform first emerged in 2006 with the same exact purpose, and since then, it’s only been getting more popular. That said, some CougarLife reviews admit that things in this community aren’t as great as it seems. We like to doublecheck everything, so tune in to our very own review and see what we found out! 

Member Structure

Let’s start with what probably interests you the most – the gender proportion. Of almost five million users (and that’s only in the United States), 70% are males and only 30% are females. We know you are surprised, don’t be. Looks like it’s time to put all the stereotypes (or fears?) aside! However, it’s important to note that the age gap is not as big as you think. Most users, both males and females, are between 18 and 35 years old, so the cougars here are not that mature. At the same time, it’s reported that Cougar Life has many fake profiles. However, these are easily detectable. It’s not like someone is trying to rip older women off hiding behind a picture of Justin Timberlake from the Mickey Mouse club times. 

Signing Up

The entire process of creating an account on CougarLife takes up to five minutes. Cougar Life is not free, although there are some options available for all the members. Since the possibilities of standard accounts are very limited, they don’t have a strict confirmation process. You can add a photo if you want, but it’s not required. When it comes to profile information, it doesn’t differ much from any other dating site, but you will be encouraged to create a greeting or introduction. Also, the registration is super simple. There’s only one step, and from then on, you get to fill out two separate forms – your personal details and account details. Personal details are all about you, including gender, date of birth, hair color, and so on. Account info is your email, username, and password. It should be noted that people really get creative with their usernames, so don’t be surprised in you bump into SuperMikeXXL or Ginger_Foxie. 


Unlike many other dating sites we’ve seen, this one has A LOT of features, which are mostly related to flirting, breaking the ice, chatting, and so on. The platform makes it easy for a guy to hit on you, there’s no doubt about that. Another thing is whether he will manage to impress a mature and experienced woman by sending “flirts”, but that’s another topic for discussion. The site also has a pretty cool search feature and it’s possible to create a private Cougar Life photo gallery that will be hidden from some users. It’s like a real-life cougar club. 

Making Contact

The website lets you search for people based on several filtering options, such as age, location, distance from you, and so on, but you’ll probably agree that it’s rather basic. It’s not what we want to emphasize. As we’ve mentioned above, there are tons of options to get a cougar to notice a guy, and we wanted to talk about it in more detail. So here’s how you can establish contact on this platform. You can send the so-called “flirts”, which will let the other person know you liked them. You can contact the cougar in the chat if you are feeling confident. You can even send a cougar virtual gift, which is definitely a next-level icebreaker. But jokes aside, it is super convenient to make a match here. Even the most introverted and shy guys will be able to make a move. 

Design and Usability

As for the overall usability and design on this platform, we’d give it 9 out of 10. The site looks nice, it’s very easy to navigate, and it also has its unique style, which remains consistent across all the platforms. Those pinkish and blueish elements seem pretty cute together. Also, there is a Cougar Life dating app available for iOS and Android, which is a big big plus. There are no annoying popups and you won’t see a big difference between a desktop and a mobile version in terms of looks and functions. 

To conclude our Cougar Life review, we have to admit that this dating site is really unusual. You may like it, you may not, but you can’t deny that they did a very good job with this entire concept. If you are adventurous, why not give it a try? You can always delete the account and forget that it ever happened, or you may find your love here, nobody knows!