Doublelist com review 2022: how it works and is it worth trusting


Ever since the legendary shutdown of adult classifieds sections on platforms like Backpage and Craigslist, several websites have tried to fill the void. For quite some time, Doublelist has been the go-to site for discovering personal advertisements with a wide range of options. It’s simple to use and efficient.

What we know about Doublelist

Doublelist com review

What exactly is a Doublelist? That’s a question you’re probably asking right now. Now, Doublelist.com is an alternative to Craigslist, the leading classifieds forum where people may post offers for dates.

Doublelist Personals was founded in 2018, not long after Craiglist’s private area was forced to shut down owing to human trafficking accusations.

Doublelist grew in popularity quickly, and there was no uncertainty that this network would become a smash among hookup platforms for straights, gays, and anybody else looking for quick casual pleasure.

This renowned classified ad site has the opportunity to be just as fascinating as Craiglist before they modified their craigslist post regulation. In reality, since it boasts forty million active members all eager to meet up, this website might be superior to its ancestor.

Doublelist Features & Functionality

Doublelist Features

This is a webpage, not an application, which is unusual in this day and age. The platform is completely free, which is fantastic.

Doublelist has a great design, and users can use it to submit advertisements for a date, a friend, or a sexual encounter.

Many users are drawn to this platform due to their great memories of Craigslist Personals and how simple it was to meet people.

Craigslist’s classifieds section was closed down in 2018 after they were suspected of human trafficking, which is definitely inappropriate, and Doublelist personal advertising took off like a skyrocket in popularity.

Even if you’ve never used an adult personals or casual encounter site, you’re aware that advertisements are ideal for somebody to get the short end of the stick.

The site is generally safe, with mechanisms to ensure screening out the majority of the predators. This allows you to explore your sexual urges without fear of judgment or stigma.

Because this service is relatively new, many of you may not be familiar with it; nevertheless, don’t worry; we’ll show you Doublelist and all of its features.

Doublelist, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the aforementioned Craigslist. It’s a brand-new dating website that debuted in 2018. A whole new group of developers and dating professionals is dedicated to the platform’s development. Its layout encourages simplicity of use and allows you to get started right away after creating an account.

Without any further hemming and hawing, here are our thoughts on Doublelist, its functionality, and the benefits and drawbacks it offers to anyone looking to try their hand at online dating.

Free/Paid Functions

doublelist Functions

Because the Doublelist service is free, it distinguishes out among the other casual sex hookup services that are comparable to Craigslist Classifieds but always include hidden fees. However, as we’re sure you’ll agree, not all free things are fantastic.

For individuals looking to meet up without spending a substantial fortune attempting to discover somebody else searching for a casual relationship, free is a major benefit.

Services without charge

All registered customers will have access to the Doublelist com site for free. You can use it to publish your feed posts and attach pictures to them. The dashboard exhibits a variety of categories based on your search criteria as well as your sexual preference. All categories are divided into two sections: “let’s date” and “connect now.”

Bear in mind that all subscribers are empowered to make two posts per day, each with four photos. See, it’s both free and limited.

You can join discussion groups and post a comment. Also, there are web camera blog posts and hot or cold games to keep you entertained.

Doublelist.com does not allow users to create a dating profile, so you must include everything that you want another member to know about yourself in a text. For instance, if you want a viewer to see your picture, you must include it in the memo.

When you have sent messages to other users, they will receive your email address.

Your text will be delivered directly to their email account. Once they receive your email, they will be seeing your email address in this layout. Even if a user hasn’t logged into Doublelist.com within several weeks, they will continue to receive new messages.

That also means you should use an email address that you are comfortable with these people seeing. Therefore, we recommend creating a new email address just for the purpose of dating so your main one won’t be overfilled with unnecessary data.

Services with a charge

You can navigate the Doublelist service just like any other visitor and actively engage in any activity because you do not have to pay for it.

You must abide by the rules established by the online platform. Anything other than that, you will be immediately barred from using it. I take it as a positive sign, which means that all of the creeps must behave.

To summarise, what exactly are your options on the site and what features are offered to everyday user who is looking for love or casual things?

  • Place classified ads in order for others to see your availability.
  • Attach pictures for other people to see and decide whether you are attractive or not for their taste.
  • Respond to classified ads and send email messages.
  • Post no more than two posts and four pictures per day, with no option to increase this limit (but why would anybody need more though?).
  • Join chat rooms to meet other members.
  • Receive feedback in chat groups and discuss topics such as relationships or anything else that interests you.
  • Communicate directly with other members and ask them out on dates.
  • View webcams to find people with whom you are compatible.
  • When you’re still waiting for a reply, entertain yourself with hot and cold games and other activities.

Getting to know the site and registering

Visitors must be at least 18 years old to join the forum. Anything other than that, visitors are not eligible. The average user is between the ages of 30 and 40. However, people of all ages frequent the site.

Doublelist login

The Doublelist.com site requires the user to create an account before advertising online. Simply input your email address and password after clicking ‘login here’ on its main page.

On the internet dating market, you will not find a more user-friendly website.

Doublelist singup

Doublelist singup

The registration process is relatively simple and easy to grasp. To sign up at Doublelist, you must provide your mobile number because confirmation will be done via phone call. Doublelist does not accept prepaid phone numbers. They do not recognize email addresses or presumably fraudulent social media accounts, which is a good thing although a little annoying as it takes some extra time to register.

It has a written requirement against nudity, vulgar photographs, wrongdoing, or discrimination. When trying to post profile pictures on this site, you must take extra care. They would really like to keep profile photos smooth and wholesome, so avoid using naked photos and anything that could be taken into account as vulgar. They will almost certainly reject the photos, so bear that in mind as you create your profile.

You may post up to 2 posts per day as a member, with a maximum of 4 pictures per comment. We’re not sure why they’ve restricted this like that, but that’s where it stands for the time being.

Because registration requires phone verification, this platform is genuinely fairly secure, because there are not many fake profiles on the site. However, the offbeat account or potential blackmailer does occasionally slip through, so be cautious.

Doublelist delete account

Doublelist delete account

Click “Settings,” followed by “deactivate an account.” All of your comments will be deleted immediately after you delete your account. If you would like to create another account in the coming years, you must do so with a different email address.

Doublelist Verification

To create an account at Doublelist, you will have to provide your contact information because verification will be done via phone call. As previously stated, you cannot register at Doublelist using any prepaid phone number.

People will occasionally attempt to create dozens of accounts. This is not easy, and they are usually caught. If this occurs, Doublelist will permanently ban them.

Interface Double list

Interface Double list

Sad to say for Doublelist, the website has a 1990s vibe to it, which looks very outdated, even though the 90s seem to be in fashion lately. However, it is simple to use. Don’t worry if you’ve never used a website like this before; you’ll feel very confident in your options. Don’t be particularly worried if you believe it will be outdated and confusing; nothing could have been further from the truth.

The site’s search function is straightforward. They have 11 options, including straight, gay and lesbian, and married people. They don’t have a particular category for transgender people, which would seem unusual in a world where everyone is supposed to be included.

To make things easier, there are filters that can be used to eliminate people who have shared similar or slightly comparable preferences as you. Sexuality and gender orientation are among the filters, allowing you to narrow down your options based on your personal tastes.

It is free to send and receive messages via Doublelist, but they are all formatted as ad replies. To initiate contact and possibly a sexual encounter, you must respond to the ad of a random person or a couple looking for something or someone.

The site also includes a chat feature, which allows any user to start a conversation with anybody else on the webpage. Communication between subscribers is simple; simply memo anyone you want using the message option on the advertisements.

To help people match, one of the filters is location-specific, and you can choose to encounter only folks in your direct proximity. You can be confident that you are actually talking to actual people because each profile includes a phone number.

Although there is no mobile app for Doublelist, you can visit the website via your smartphone’s web application. You can understand the old-school design, but many people require a mobile app these days, which makes this platform less competitive in the online dating market.

Doublelist has nearly 40 million daily members worldwide, but it does not appear to be as effortless to hook up as it was when Craigslist Personals was still active. However, because the platform is free, it is certainly worth a try.

You should give this a try and then see what ends up happening. But if it takes somewhat longer than planned, don’t worry because you’re still communicating and finding your way around the complicated realities of online dating.

The Doublelist is not offering its users any matching algorithm, but rather a simple search engine that could also help you narrow down your search to a specific area.


  • It is not like most casual dating websites, which require you to create a dating profile. You are not required to create a profile on Doublelist. Simply get verified and start posting ads and answering to already existing ones.
  • When another user responds to your memo, you will receive their email address. To initiate contact and possibly a sexual encounter, you must respond to the ad of a stranger or a couple looking for something or someone.
  • On the internet dating market, you will not find a more user-friendly website. Doublelist is as simple as it gets. The interface design is simple and straightforward, with an intuitive user interface.
  • Doublelist is a site where you can meet people who share your interests, regardless of whatever you like to do in your bedroom. It’s also simple to find people who share your sexual preference. Simply select your attraction, and the Doublelist search algorithm will display a list of people who share your sexual desires.
  • Doublelist provides a range of services to all of its registered users. Doublelist and all of its services are completely free to use.
  • The platform has comprehensive and well-defined Terms of Service, and they will not withstand any user who deviates from the norm. Doublelist strives to create a secure environment in which everyone can unwind and look for a casual encounter.


The interface appears to be outdated as if it were designed in the 1990s.  Apart from photos attached to comments, there are no pictures on the site, which are mostly made up of links and messages. Its interface obviously resembles Craigslist, but it is not superior to Craigslist.

Despite the fact that Doublelist does have a few anti-spam measures in place, the platform is not free of phishing and scams.

Doublelist is a brand-new website. It has only been up for a little over 2 years. As a result, its customer base is not as large or diversified as that of other similar sites.

The Doublelist does not support all cities, particularly smaller ones. You’ll have to choose a larger nearby city, and other visitors most likely are doing the same.

To register on the website, you must be either 18 or 21 years old. It is determined by the laws of the country from which you are registering. However, Doublelist does not have any systems and procedures to validate input from the user and check if they’re old enough to be using a platform.

Because the majority of the posts were made a long time ago, no one knows how many active members Doublelist currently has.

Most posts lack photos, so you must assume what those people look like. Members over the age of 30 are more likely to include photos in their posts.

The cost

Doublelist is free to use since it makes a profit from ad campaigns, such as the sponsored comment at the top of most classifications. At the top of the web pages, there may be a few text advertisements for questionable porn websites.

You could indeed post on the site and respond to anyone without purchasing a membership.

Common Misspellings Of Doublelist

It’s amusing to look through web server logs and see how people seem to find this site. Because there are so many people who are looking for the double list website, individuals frequently type it incorrectly.

People misspell the advertising name more often than any other informal encounter full title. It’s absolutely absurd that people can’t spell this simple word correctly. As a result, we’ve done some research and chose to share all of the Double List misspellings and how people completely ruin their casual dating opportunities because they can’t even get to the right website.

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  • doubke list
  • doublekist
  • doublelists
  • doublellist
  • doblelist
  • dounle list
  • doublelst
  • doinlelist
  • doubellist
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  • doubles list

Interesting facts about Doublelist

There are benefits to using Doublelist.com and other similar websites, such as not having to guess what the other person is looking for. Also, there is the convenience for customers of being able to use the web pages at any time of day, and there are numerous other features that make this method of finding a match the preferred method for many people these days.

The disadvantage is that Doublelist.com does not yet have a mobile application. However, you can visit the website from your smartphone because it is very mobile-friendly.

On the exterior, Doublelist appears to be the ideal replacement for Craigslist Personals. In overview, the platform is free, you can find casual relationships in your area online, and you can publish a couple more times a day and share your photos.

Sad to say, many users do not appear to be willing to meet in person. So, trust it or not, it’s actually pretty difficult to meet up with someone else on this site. Because although they appear to be there to pair up, it appears that they are there to communicate and interact, but nothing more than that.

The site has received mixed reviews too though. Some commenters had wonderful experiences on the webpage and were capable of connecting with other members a few times. However, many other members made complaints that they couldn’t connect at all. Sadly, the complainers outmatched the extremely lucky few who were able to hook up.

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend trying it for more than a month or two if you think this website is not really for you, but you keep hoping for better. If nothing is viewable for several weeks, it is necessary to take into consideration the alternatives.

It never hurts to consider giving this website a shot for a few months at least and see what happens. You might have a fantastic laid-back meeting. Or you’ll have a greater chance of meeting someone from the other web pages. It is indeed up to you and your choice, so make one now.

There are numerous alternatives to Doublelist. Pure and AdultFriendFinder, for example, are popular matchmaking sites on the internet that you can use rather than Doublelist.

There are many others as well that make it simple to discover easygoing casual relationships and dates. All of these have excellent features and a free subscription, although with limited features that allow you to find a partner.