Cityxguide: a new review 2022 of the escort site


With all of the services and apps to join, the adult dating game is constantly developing. They represent singles and spouses the most dutifully for any and all naughty requests and sexual fantasy tastes.

Meeting people online and dating applications are now among the most popular ways of meeting a new lover, with over 1000 sites in the United States alone accommodating to people of all ages and aspirations.

Once you’re sex-positive and looking for easy sexual encounters, CityXGuide is a perfect example of what it should be.

What we know about this site

What is CityXGuide

The first answer to the question, “What is CityXGuide?” is nearby hookups. It’s simply more convenient to meet hot and sexy singles online first.

Since the mid-2000s, CityXGuide has been one of the most suitable escorts classified ads. It is already well-known in sex-positive communities for containing reliable and seductive statistics.

It would include anything you can imagine in the paid sex activities sector. Suggest it, and you’ll discover it on CityXGuide.com.

Between many countless famous escort listings, CityXGuide ranks among the top 5 adult websites. It makes it simple to locate call girls or nearby thots in one’s neighborhood.

The services offered range from traditional escort girls to horny group meetings and massage parlors. Furthermore, the client is not charged for viewing; only real meetings are charged.

All of the activities involve sexual services, which include live cams, paid adult online dating services, and dubious links to third-party internet sites. CityXGuide.com has everything. When looking for dates among scammy classified ads and private engagements, you must keep yourself cautious and aware.

Cityxguide Features & Functionality

There is a lot of sex-related content on CityXGuide.com, as well as a lot of third-party links to certain other sites on the internet.

What are the various parts of CityXGuide.com? Because this is an advertising network, you will find a wide range of sex industry activities. It goes without saying that you will not receive anything for free. You must publicly express your finances. Don’t be fooled by the adult dating section called “meet and fuck.” This category is not about meeting random people on the Internet and hooking up after some brief introduction.

Only escort girls expect to be paid to submit their ads on websites. However, it is not more than just a few dollars per post. Men are not required to register or expected to pay for site features, but they must cover the call girl service charge when they meet and also pay for the services she provided.

The quality of girls depends on the region, but the best-looking call girls are usually found quickly in each state or country. Younger folks who have roleplay costumes and apparel may charge more.

Not only highly qualified escorts use CityXGuide classifieds to advertise themselves. These could be any amateur call girls or phone sex workers, such as students who need cash. Sugar baby arrangements are also made through this hookup aggregation site.

Webcam girls require a domain for virtual sex activities as well. CityXGuide perfectly exists to serve them by listing all adult websites and direct contacts for appreciating their kinky assistance.

Free/Paid Functions

 This webpage, like many escort classified ads, is free for visitors. They can choose whether or not to sign up, which will simply provide them with more suitable search filters. Only escort workers are required to pay.

They can pay the basic fee to have their commercial published, or they can update to have the ad promoted or highlighted. The client does not need to make any pre-payments for sexual services and pays at the time of the meeting.

The following are the features:

  • Live Sex Cams – which brings you to Cams.com.
  • Sugar Babies – connected to SecretBenefits.com.
  • Meet & Fuck – AdultFriendFinder.com hookup site link.
  • Porn Games – FreePorn.com animation games.
  • Post Ads – provides access to the ad profile page.

There seem to be links to cams, but the escort girls’ accounts also include a random webcam. Aside from the usual information and details, there is a contact number to call and a link to a webcam.

Getting to know the site and registering

As previously stated, there is no need to register or pay for City X Guide in order to use it. This is because you are provided with an advertisement the very first time you load the site.

Cityxguide login

While City X Guide has an email address management system, creating a profile is not required. Those who submit ads, of course, require a username and password.

Surfing profiles is as simple as refining your area and tinkering with the settings.

Cityxguide signup

City X Guide is a free escort database that outlines a large number of escorts and is constantly expanding. It does not require registration and does not require payment to use.

Because advertisements can only be observed one at a time, you can really only explore one escort at a time. You can benefit from additional personal data on your personal page. Recognized sexes, payment details, and contact details are all included.

You can publish your photos while also viewing photos of call girls or hot horny women from nearly any metropolitan area or country on the planet.

Cityxguide delete account

Although CityXGuide is not a traditional and primitive escort organization with its own fixed dataset, it does not necessitate web users to register.

It’s comparable to other sex workers’ listings and therefore it’s simple to use and consider leaving. Because no account or profile has been made, there is no need for customer service or assistance to remove your data from the site.


The self-moderation functionality that makes it possible for users to report ads they suspect are fraudulent helps the platform to verify the reliability of call girls. Though, since a girl has to pay a fee to submit her ad it’s highly unlikely that it would be a scam. 

Underneath each posting is a handy little button that alerts administrators and other visitors to potentially fraudulent behavior and attitude. This means that by browsing and exploring, you are actually improving the community as a whole as well as helping to monitor and control the content itself.

Interface cityxguide


The most notable feature you get from the top of the page is a concept of how many girls are available on request on City X Guide. There are many countries and cities depicted, and you will have no trouble finding an escort in your area.

It’s a database of legitimate escort babes, both self-reliant and part of a broader business. As such, right from the beginning, you get exactly what you want.

The main page includes an introduction to all the places around the globe where listings can be found.

Obviously, the United States has the most representation, but you’d be surprised at just how many nations and metropolitan areas are included. It’s then a simple navigation operation to get to a particular location.

It’s not difficult to contact the girl who captures your attention once you’ve discovered her. You get her contact information, and her direct number, and everything goes smoothly from there.

It’s not an online platform where you have to pay an additional fee for subscription services and other things; it’s simple and straightforward. This is advantageous since there are no expenses and no paper trail left behind. It’s straightforward and unobtrusive.

Their strategy is based on the girls’ product placement and the advertisements they deliver to their visitors. This means that the vast majority of the time, the information on the website is accurate. Sometimes it can be a little out of date, particularly in smaller neighborhoods and nations, but it is still genuine.


With the exception of the girl’s location, these are some of the directory’s drawbacks is the complete absence of filtering possibilities. This could also make things more difficult, and you may have to spend a little time looking for a girl who matches your preferences. Aside from that, you’ll have a great time just surfing the offers.

In the broad sense, CityXGuide is a cutting-edge platform for fast and easy escort reservations with almost no shortcomings. All concerns from service users are also comparable to other call girl websites.

The protected web surfing solution is a smart feature that we really appreciate. You can simply remove image loading with a single tap, which is a really nice option, especially if you’re surfing the database on your phone in a crowded location or at work.

But on the other side, smaller neighborhoods may have limited choices. However, because CityXGuide is still in its early stages, it generally covers major population centers and metropolitan areas. Be patient, and take trips if necessary, or consider inviting a call girl to your hometown.

In terms of travel, there is a useful index of strip clubs and bikini clubs, and bars that you can browse for in a precise area. Although if you can’t find an escort in your hometown or the city you’re going to visit, see if there are any strip clubs or other similar businesses mentioned nearby.

Experts agree that CityXGuide plays an important role in the adult dating market because it helps promote open-mindedness and recognition. Customers and escorts are taught appreciation and self-respect, as well as self-expression.

As long as the sexual fantasy causes no harm, there are perhaps no restrictions on CityXGuide. All sexual preferences and sex areas of expertise are encouraged in order to broaden people’s private perspectives and relationships.

The cost

These are some of the details you will undoubtedly enjoy, at least as much as we did, seems to be the public pricing. Numerous escorts, in addition to various types of services and contact details, openly display their sale prices. This appears to mean you can instantly learn how much her business costs and what she can do for that price.

This functionality, while seemingly simple, is lacking from so many other escort web pages.

LGBTQ+ community members who advertise their services via a safe Internet environment rather than streetwalking receive the best psychological and social protection. Their fees will be charged higher than those of straight practitioners because bi-curious and gay men customers feel more respect and understanding from society and continue to open their minds to all kinds of experimentations.

While in the United States, escort fees can range from $60 per hour to $400 if the practitioner is extremely qualified, young, stylishly attired, and can keep things interesting the entire time.

CityXGuide is common precisely for this reason; it only posts reasonably priced call girls without compromising quality. Only a few hookup personals charge more than $60, and genuine reviews are easy to find.

CityXGuide is concerned with increasing profits and social connections for escorts, providing clients with high-quality human connections, and taking into account all complaints or proposals from people who visit.

Interesting facts about cityxguide

Considering the sheer amount of advertising and locations provided on CityXGuide, it’s clear that this is a popular website in the United States. CityXGuide, like other escort offerings such as Bedpage, Listcrawler, MegaPersonals, AdultSearch, or Doublelist, is undoubtedly widely known and frequently included in the Top 10. CityXGuide’s most prevalent American cities are New York City and Los Angeles, whereas the United Kingdom is also very common.

Designed to cover so many regions of the world, in addition to western ones, allows for successful sex tourism and regional and global hookups wherever you go. It distinguishes CityXGuide from associated web pages.

It is well known that American singles are drawn to Slavic beauties. It’s reassuring to know they’re included in CityXGuide listings.

It’s a simple and sophisticated platform that offers the escort girls real contact details and doesn’t require a username and password or a credit card to use. Except for ads that appear the first time you load the website, everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Final Verdict

If you want to look at authentic personal ads and hook up with someone near you, CityXGuide is probably not the right choice for you.

Essentially, this is a sex service catalog. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that but it can get you into trouble. Sifting through all of the fake information can be time-consuming so do look for alternatives!