Kinkyads.org Review


What Is Kinkyads?

Kinkyads.org is exactly what the name of the website suggests – a place where people can post ads and personals of predominantly sexual and casual nature. 

If you want a casual encounter and you’re looking for opportunities to expand your social circle online, websites like Kinkyads may be just right for you. The people who want a serious relationship and something a bit more romantic, however, should potentially turn to dating websites rather than to personals platforms like this one. 

The premise of Kinkyads is pretty simple and straightforward. The following review will give you the essentials. 

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How Does It Work?

You have two opportunities on Kinkyads.org if you are looking for local casual encounters – you either browse through the personals and get in touch with the people that you like or you publish your own ad. 

In this sense, Kinkyads is somewhat reminiscent of the extinct Craigslist personals. 

To get started with the platform, you will have to set up your own profile although some of the information is readily visible for free. This is a simple opportunity to give you a preview that you can rely on to determine whether signing up is a good idea. 

Pros and Cons

Just like all other online platforms, Kinkyads has its benefits and a couple of shortcomings. Let’s check them out. 

Kinkyads benefits:

  • Location-based ads 
  • Great for hookups and casual sex seekers 
  • Free of charge 
  • According to the official presentation, the platform has more than 173,800 members 
  • Older profiles receive scores, giving them a bit of legitimacy 

The downsides:

  • Pretty outdated appearance 
  • There are tons of paid service ads rather than people who actually want to hook up with someone 
  • There is a lot of spam that you’ll have to sift through to find something genuine 
  • Depending on your location, the number of opportunities could be limited 


Like other personal ad directories, Kinkyads doesn’t have an extensive range of features. 

You can perform searches to discover the profiles and ads coming closest to your criteria. After you go through the Kinkyads.org login, you can also decide whether you’re going to browse or if you’ll post your own ad that will get others to contact you. 

There are many pictures and an opportunity to create personal videos for a better presentation. That’s a nice added perk as multimedia can reveal a lot of important information. 


As per the official presentation of the platform, the directory is free to use but you do have to sign up. 

There is no additional information provided about the terms and the conditions and whether posting an ad would cost you anything. Obviously, that’s a red flag. Reputable websites announce their requirements for usage in advance, without forcing new members to sign up first. 

Still, you can set up a profile and browse the available ads for free if you really want to give this platform the benefit of the doubt. 

Final Verdict

While Kinkyads claims to have a massive user community, the social media profiles of the platform are only followed by a hundred or so people. Obviously, that’s indicative of a service much less popular than its creators would want you to believe. 

There’s nothing exceptional or too exciting about Kinkyads.org. Depending on your location and the number of ads for your area, you may want to give it a try and hopefully, it will work out for you.