Loveawake.com review 2022: popularity or quality?


Online dating is highly prevalent these days. You should not feel embarrassed about it because it is already a part of the current society, especially with the rise of hustle culture. Its ideas of a perfect and balanced life are so chaotic nowadays. They don’t have time or energy to hunt for that special someone.

LoveAwake is one of the internet dating websites where people can find a partner.

Do you have any doubts about how LoveAgain.com works? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. Today, we’ll look at the LoveAwake dating service, which isn’t nearly as well-known as it should be. The site was created to bring singles from all over the world together. It currently includes users from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Asia, and many other nations.

Is this, nevertheless, a good website? Learn more by reading the following review.

What we know about loveawake

loveawake review

Whenever you search for a matchmaking app that will help you find somebody special, there are many reasonable grounds to join LoveAwake.com. The website has an international reach and can support you in meeting people from all around the globe.

According to the site, there are now over 1.8 million users. The platform is a well-known online dating company active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

It was founded in 1995 by a Russian developer who offered a dating service for unmarried men and women in his native country.

Despite expanding the company into one of the most well-known firms in the dating market in just a few years, he lost ownership of the business to an American investor since. He was not experienced enough as a businessman, but more like a developer, so any legal procedures were a nightmare for him. 

When LoveAwake went international in the mid-2000s, everything developed even more.

Hundreds of single men and women have signed up to find a date or someone they may travel across the globe. When you visit LoveAwake, you’ll find that there’s a map guide to assist you in selecting the suitable region for your match. LoveAwake will provide you with all the required information to ensure that you are matched with the correct person.

Site Features & Functionality

While being a free alternative, the website as a whole has a great deal to offer. While Loveawake has some difficult creative decisions and flaws, there is much to like about what they provide for free.

The different aspects of your profile, connecting with others, and discovering other individuals to chat with are all accessible efficiently and simply.

Search Functions

Now, the core of all dating sites is to allow you to meet new people.

You can use all of the standard search criteria found on other websites. In the beginning, that’s a good thing. Basic search criteria on the Loveawake website include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • With Photo only
  • Online now

More advanced criteria can be used to do more in-depth searches.

Weight, stature, hair color, relationship status, physical attributes, race, family, piercings, faith, smoking, tattoos, substances, and other preferences can discover profiles using advanced search criteria.

Keep in mind, though, that Loveawake is a free service, which means you’re always in danger of meeting fake accounts. One of the more serious drawbacks of using Loveawake’s platform is the fabrication of fake profiles.

Once you’ve found a suitable match, you may start communicating with them using the site.

There are a few options. The easiest to use is the direct messaging service. You will send private messages to any account you match with on Loveawake, which allows you to start talking and trying to get to know somebody as soon as possible.

You simply have to visit the single chat room, join, and begin sending messages to single males and ladies to receive unlimited direct messages. You can communicate with single gentlemen or ladies with more than enough personal messages on Loveawake.com, which means you can meet new acquaintances and find a loving companion with no limits.

Also, there is an online chat room option available. One of the site’s most popular features includes joining a live chat room with complete strangers online, which may be a terrific way to meet individuals with similar preferences.

Of course, when utilizing a dating service, there is always the possibility that something may go wrong and that a promising connection will not work out. Loveawake, on the other hand, offers e-courses with a relationships consultant to help you with almost any relationship problem you might experience. Getting a match and relationships, in general, can become considerably easier as a result of proper preparation.

Loveawke.com has experts who will educate you and provide you with all the required instructions and recommendations to guarantee your relationship satisfaction. If you implement their professional guidance, you will avoid falling into any common dating pitfalls.

Overall, Loveawake is a fairly ordinary site for meeting new people and looking for a perfect relationship. The single community may be easily found in countries worldwide, and as a single person, you might find such services very useful.

Unfortunately, some people’s personal information has been exposed on this site, leading to complaints of privacy breaches. Even if it doesn’t happen that often, and you can’t assume a free platform to have the highest level of security, you should really be careful with your personal information. Since it is free, you may expect to come across several strange accounts. Even if the profiles have pictures, you should be mindful of persons who might be posing or catfishing.

Free/Paid Functions

Among the most appealing aspects of Loveawake is that it is completely free. There really are no functionalities behind a fee. Therefore a simple account will grant you complete access to everything the platform has to offer to its loyal users.

While most competing dating websites offer free membership and profile searching, Love Awake went one step further by allowing you to exchange free messages with others. In terms of the scale and accessibility of the platform, this is a real game-changer. Many people may not have the financial means to pay for dating websites, but that should not prevent them from finding true love online.

There are all of the basic components seen on other dating websites. You may search through hundreds of accounts from all around the globe, each of which includes a photo, a brief description, and some key details such as age, gender, diet, and location.

However, you should be alert because companies must make money somehow, and some people have reported that their data has been shared without their consent in the past.

You have unrestricted access to thousands of single profiles of registered members of your preference at Loveawake.com. Everything you have to do now uses the excellent search function to find them, and you’ll get access to them. It’s a point-and-click concept where you find anybody you want to connect with and engage with them as friends, romantic partners, or even life partners if you choose.

Love Awake’s service quality is also pretty strong, with a sense of community that allows users to send staff a short message if they have an issue.

You’d assume that it would be poorly managed because the service is free, yet the managers are surprisingly engaged and will assist you whenever possible.

Finally, while the website’s promises of being free to use are perfectly true, it generates revenue through advertisements. They also provide other services for a fee.

For instance, if you want the moderators to tidy up your account so that you receive more visits and a head start over your competitors, you’ll have to pay the price. Similarly, if you wish to move the conversation away from the online chat area and into texting, you’ll have to pay a small fee.

Getting to know the site and registering

No matter how good a dating service is, if it looks terrible and hard to navigate, you will abandon it because you will become dissatisfied after a while.

The webpage isn’t a visual masterwork, but it does a fantastic job of keeping everything functioning. You can manage everything from setting up an account to sending and receiving messages from possible mates with ease.

The website has a conventional dating site style, with the navigation menu system at the top of the page and just about everything underneath it.

Loveawake login

Loveawake login

The website Loveawake is open to the public. Your profile is visible to anyone who visits this webpage. This is not the platform for you if you require absolute privacy and confidentiality. On Loveawake, however, you can hide your profile pictures and only grant access to those you accept.

Other than that, you will have to log in to browse and take any actions.

Loveawake signup

Loveawake signup

You’ll be aware of the process of registration if you’ve ever used a dating service. It’s easy to join and only takes a few data about yourself and what you’re browsing for.

The registration procedure is uncomplicated. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the online application, and you won’t be charged anything. You will not be expected to pay anything at all for your registration at any point, so don’t be misled. Between beginning the signup procedure and becoming a user is only around a minute of your time, so that’s all you’ve got to spend.

Although some users say the process should have been made simpler, the registration process is not complicated from our perspective. It just requires a little bit more time than some of us are willing to give up.

The very first section of their website invites you to create an account. All you have to do is fill out the necessary information on the form, including your gender, preferred sex or race, country, location, and date of birth.

Some visitors also believe that their questions are irrelevant and have no influence on discovering a possible match. You can expect this sort of thing on a dating service that doesn’t charge you a dime.

Ensure that your personal photo and any other photographs were taken within the last year and a half.

Upload a decent image of your face with your shoulders lifted. Commercial portraits and profile shots should be avoided. People would like to see you in your regular and relaxed setting.

Don’t use your smartphone or tablet to take a selfie in the restroom mirror. This gives the impression that you don’t have any mates who could have taken a pic of you doing something fun. You’ll need photos of yourself being yourself if you’re planning to be online dating genuinely and successfully.

You’ll also have the option of creating a username that you’ll use to log in and distinguish yourself on the website. Next, you’ll need to create a password and enter an email address and agree to the terms and conditions. You will be required to authenticate your identity via email, which is standard procedure. You immediately have full access to all of Loveawake.com’s services.

With different members registering all the time, there’s a good chance you’ll meet somebody who gets your heart pounding and matches your hobbies, beliefs, and aspirations.

To find a partner in your neighborhood, you can browse for prospective matches by country of birth. You may also filter your dating pool by looks, identity, and other personal qualities and by age range or recent activity.

Loveawake delete account

Loveawake delete account

Any inactive profile on the platform for an extended time is hidden to prevent other members from approaching it and increasing the amount of no-reply messages.

You can easily reactivate your profile if you choose to get back to the dating scene. Simply go to the settings and follow the instructions.

Fill out the form on the website to delete your account. It can be found in settings or the help section on the website.

Why did you delete your account? Loveawake would also welcome your ideas and criticism. Don’t hesitate to share your experience and recommendations.

Login, password, and reasons for deletion will be required. The company uses your comments and feedback to learn more about its users’ service.

Loveawake Verification

One of the most serious problems with free dating sites is the abundance of fraudulent dating profiles or the possibility of an online dating scam.

That’s an issue that more and more dating websites are looking into due to scammers and fraudulent accounts taking over the internet and catfishing being a new reality. Verified accounts certainly provide additional protection, mainly if they are considered more seriously and not just passed about.

Please complete the following steps to become a verified member:

  1. Go to your member’s section and log in.
  2. Go to the Become Verified Member page at the settings and select My Account.
  3. Go to the “get verified” tab and complete the instructions.

You will be required to authenticate your account via email, which is standard procedure for most platforms in the modern world’s dating websites pool.


The site isn’t a visual work of genius, but it does a fantastic job of keeping everything properly functioning. You can easily manage everything, from setting up an account to exchanging messages with potential partners, with minimal effort.

The navigation bar is remarkable, but we genuinely think the flow rate is unsatisfactory. Each section takes a long time to load, particularly when you look at photos through profiles.

On the other hand, using other functions and technologies will be no problem. You can search for matches and communicate with them via private messaging. There are also chat rooms where you can interact with other members for free. Filter options are simple to use for increased security.

The service is free, which tends to mean that anyone can sign up and begin using its services. While this is a nice thing for those who hesitate to spend a fortune on dating, it raises protection and confidentiality concerns. They claim to keep your information private and safe with SSL encryption, and it appears to be working. However, users have reported problems who believe they have lost important information while using the platform.

As with any internet dating website, it’s always a brilliant idea to approach it with a healthy dose of suspicion. Loveawake is a free dating site, which should raise a few red flags for everyone familiar with these types of platforms.

Another thing to note is that Love Awake displays real people, as evidenced by their profile pictures’ frank character. These aren’t the heavily photoshopped models that appear too good to be confirmed on other online dating websites.

You see pictures of the obese, the bald, the elderly, the divorced, and everyone in between. There is no harsh judgment here, and to be honest, it’s soothing to meet ordinary singles for a change.

Undoubtedly, there will still be very few women on the site who appear to have sneaked out of a makeup catalog, but the vast and varied user base is a refreshing change of pace.



  • A well-designed navigation structure;
  • There is private chatting available;
  • To make new friends, use live chat rooms;
  • Profiles with photos, at least one per registered account;
  • After completing the free registration process, you will have access to all profiles and features;
  • There are e-courses and blogs available to help with dating challenges;
  • Proof of Identity verification;
  • Anyone can report spam profiles;


  • Pages take a long time to load;
  • Because the platform is free to use, there are numerous fake profiles;
  • The sign-up process is a little time consuming and too thorough;
  • There have been reports of private information being lost or sold to third parties;
  • No mobile App;
  • There are no anonymous payment methods;
  • Some countries are not eligible to use the platform;
  • Even though service and on-site messaging is “free,” SMS messaging can be expensive;
  • Some members are dissatisfied with the low response rates;

The cost

The site is free to use, which is a big reason why it’s one of the most prominent dating websites nowadays. However, it also forces you to come to terms with all of the issues typically associated with a platform that everyone can join. Once more, numerous users believe that the webpage makes a lot of money by reselling your information, but while we can’t confirm this, it makes total sense to be extremely careful first.

Once more, numerous users believe that the webpage makes a lot of money by reselling your information, but while we can’t confirm this, it makes total sense to be extremely careful first.

Also, some extra features might cost you extra, such as switching to texting off-platform or getting personalized reviews and recommendations regarding your profile from experienced staff.

What will the pricing on LoveAwake be like with very few additional features and users able to text for an unlimited amount of time? Fascinatingly, they’ve taken a slightly different approach to subscription.

Instead of purchasing a subscription for a month, three months, or perhaps even longer, you can only consider purchasing 24-hour bundles:

  • 3-day premium membership: $1.20
  • 7-day premium membership: $6
  • 15-day premium membership: $12

Interesting facts about Love awake

The creator, Slava, launched his first dating website in 1995 when the online dating market was nearly non-existent. Despite growing it into one of the most recognized web pages within a few years, he ended up losing control over the company to an American colleague due to his lack of experience in contractual and legal aspects.