Hily.com – Real Dating Site Review 2022


Hily, a relatively new addition to the internet dating scene, has already been shaking things up a while back. In 2020, it made it into the top ten most downloaded free dating apps. It makes a claim to have over 20 million members around the world.

Hily is revolutionizing how singles consider dating, with 40 thousand new daily active users, a brand new user application, and a pretty excellent social network-style web service.

Hey, I like you! this is a definition of an acronym for the name of the online dating app that connects singles looking for love and relationships.

Is Hilly superior to other apps available such as Tinder or Bumble?

The above Hily dating app review contains all of the information you need to decide whether it’s worth the try.

We’ve checked dozens and dozens of dating websites, including some that work remarkably well despite their lack of mainstream media exposure. The Hily dating app has been there for a considerable time, so we decided to put it to the test.

What we know about this app

First thing first, what exactly is Hily?

The dating service debuted in 2017, offering to help singles have meaningful conversations. Undoubtedly, the application provides a plethora of features to support you in finding and communicating with a possible partner. However, this does not necessarily imply that it is more beneficial than other dating apps in assisting you in finding that special somebody.

Hily, a platform with a social media interface and specific registration requirements, is quickly rising to the top of the lifestyle application market.

Hily is a good dating app if you’re tired of spending time on fake profiles, douchebags who send inappropriate messages, or laid-back dating apps that put the spotlight too much on appearance. Hily tends to add a little substance to the concept of online dating while remaining casual but not dirty, which we appreciate.

It is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Even though there are a few in-app purchases, free membership allows you to use the webpage and discover a date.

Hily Features & Functionality


Hily offers so many functionalities that we don’t really have the time and possibility to go over them all! Also, as a pleasant surprise, free users can fully utilize the software and test out functionalities ranging from sending messages and browse filtration to sophisticated protection provided by the automated risk system.

Hily has an interactive user experience that can be used in conjunction with other applications.

Hily pairs people with suitable matches using an advanced automated system. Intelligent science results in highly accurate matches. As a result, you spend much more time pursuing relationships that are meaningful and less time dating total snubs.

Even though it feels similar to other dating apps, Hily also allows you to navigate through brief user clips identical to stories, which appears to be a great addition to solely swiping through profile pictures.

Hily informs you whenever anyone likes your profile instead of waiting for you to like theirs to see if it’s mutual.

According to the founder, the matching AI prioritizes connectivity over attractiveness standards.

Hily appears to work by using machine learning-based matchmaking techniques rather than a user’s geographic area or visual appeal.

Hily disregards attractiveness levels in favor of better matches, trying to identify users with similar interests and a higher likelihood of matching, using data from the detail of the conversation, mutual likes, pics posted, and so on. The more people who use the software, the greater the level of their matches.

Users are assigned a “risk score” based on their profile rather than an attractiveness score. If a visitor has a significant risk score, the platform can prevent other users from transferring personal details to that account.

The following factors influence your Hily risk score:

  • How many stages of profile confirmation have you completed successfully;
  • How frequently do you use the app;
  • What types of messages do you have sent;
  • Being blocked, or any allegations made by other users about you;

Free/Paid Functions

hily review

Hily’s free option allows users to swipe right on 100 people a day and send an unrestricted number of texts to their matches. You can also text one user per day before matching with them and discover one person per day who has already swiped right on you.

The Hily app provides new users with a trial version of its premium edition, but this does not activate quite so many functionalities as when you’re paying for it. You’ll get endless right swipes when you pay a subscription fee to the app’s premium version.

You can also discover up to ten people per day who have already right-swiped on you, and you can text at least ten people before trying to match with them.

Special Features

Compatibility Quiz

To have an instant match for both you and some other user, honestly answer at least ten questions.


Hily allows you to swipe up or push the like icon rather than swiping left and right. Simply swiping the profile picture down or clicking the x icon indicates that you dislike the member.

Storytelling and Live Streaming

These features will help members talk about their experiences and communicate themselves in whatever way they see fit. It also provides viewers with information about the other members through appropriate video content.


Brings your profile to the number one spot of potential matches for other people.

hily boost

Visitors list

The visitors’ list is a fantastic premium feature that allows you to view who has been looking at you! Although free members could see this, they cannot visit the profile or view the image.

There are no advertisements

The removal of advertisements may be the most compelling reason to pay for the premium version of any app.

Getting to know the site and registering

Hily can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

After downloading the app, you can sign in with your Apple, Facebook, Snapchat account, or your mobile phone number.

Hily login

Once you log in, you can use relatively limited features with a free subscription. Still, a premium subscription allows you to send indefinite likes, reverse if you swiped down a member by mistake, share stories, and stream videos where others can give feedback. Basic and advanced searches are also available.

Hily signup

hily registration

It is simple to register for Hily. The registration process usually takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

There seem to be three ways to get started. To create a Hily account, you can just use your Facebook profile, mobile number, or Snapchat account. You’ll receive a verification text before proceeding to fill out extra information.

You’ll be asked to identify as male, female, or non-binary and who you want to match with.

Follow the given steps to enter your first name and date of birth and allow location features so you can see other users near the area.

You can upload a photo right off the bat, but you can also skip those and move on to the next steps.

Hily requires you to submit at least three photos or videos to see some of your matches’ available pictures and videos.

The section of the questionnaire seems to be more about secondary information.

Identify the type of connection you seek. By clicking on your replies, you can select one of the options given. The app also includes compatibility based on your zodiac sign.

After logging in, you can add more information about yourself, start setting up specific search requirements for browsing through profile pictures, and swipe away.

Hily delete account

hily delete account

Yes, you have the option to delete your Hily account. Go to your profile settings and scroll down to the delete your profile feature.


Hily has almost no statistics on fake profiles because it comprehensively verifies its members.

First, they take the initiative of auto-filtering accounts that appear to be fake and use profile pictures to confirm identities.

Furthermore, an underlying ranking of community members decreases each time a person is blocked, reported for misbehavior, sends messages that are auto-filtered, and so on. If a person’s score falls below a certain level, they are shadow-banned, and their matches can no longer contact them.

In addition, creating a Hily account necessitates linking your Facebook or Snapchat accounts, submitting a real-time photo, or sending a picture of your ID. These demands make it much more difficult for fraudsters or bots to set up profiles.

How to cancel hily subscription

You can cancel through your profile settings.


You can cancel by going to your app store membership management page.

Typically, you will not receive the total amount of your subscription back; it will be reduced by the amount of time or funds you used for Hily.

Interface secret benefits

hily live

Hily has many modes for searching for and communicating with potential partners.

The finder mode is where you can meet and match with new people. You’ll probably spend the majority of your time here.

Messages mode displays all profiles with whom you have mutually matched, and from here, you can send texts.

Hily provides several useful icebreakers to help introverted members start a dialogue.

You can see all of the likes you sent and the mutual likes you earned in the events mode.

Notifications mode displays all of the likes and text messages you’ve received from other members.

The Daily Carousel is a wheel of fortune with free discount coupons and premium features.


  • Hily’s strict verification process keeps it almost entirely free of catfishing profiles. Hily demands all users to verify their accounts in at least one of four ways, so most users are most likely genuine.
  • For a safe and secure dating experience, the application automatically prevents offensive messages/content.
  • The numerous video-based functionalities simplify assessing a potential match’s personality and visual appeal.
  • Hily’s machine learning assists in identifying and presenting people with similar interests and tastes. The more you use the software, the more effective this feature becomes.


  • Canceling a premium subscription is time-consuming.
  • Because users cannot set their preferences to the same sexual identity, it is difficult for LGBTQ+ people to look for potential matches.
  • Unless you subscribe to Hily, your range filter begins at 31 miles away. That means that if you’re in a densely populated area, you’ll see accounts of people who are difficult to date.
  • Because communication before matching is a premium feature, some users’ text feeds may still contain unwanted information overload.
  • While it is becoming more popular, it still does not have the customer base of apps such as Tinder.

The cost

hily cost

Hily heavily promotes their one-week free trial. You must be paying close attention to know that you can leave the first time they request.

There is a proceed button and a “begin 1-week trial” tab; you will sign up for the 1-week free trial when you choose to proceed.

Hily is reasonably priced in contrast to other services.

Hily Premium is $14.99 per week. A single 3 month of membership costs $74.99, and a lifetime subscription costs $119.99.

Hily even has a Premium Store in which you can purchase consumable features on a per-use basis regardless of whether you’re an advanced member or not.

The membership will not be canceled simply by deleting the app or your Hily profile.

Suppose you take advantage of the free 7-day trial membership deal for new users. In that case, you must withdraw it at least 24 hours before the end of the period to avoid being charged when it automatically renews at the regular rate.

Interesting facts about Hily

Hily prioritizes compatibility over appearance, making it ideal for long-term relationships. The majority of users surveyed say they are looking for devotion, but a smaller percentage use Hily for casual relationships and meetups.