Largefriends.com review 2022. Is it realistic to find singles here?


For numerous folks, dating online involves many complications, but plus-sized singles face more difficulties than the average. It is not an issue to be overweight. According to studies, almost 2 billion adults globally are overweight, with over 130 million in the United States.

It’s difficult to describe your physical appearance in a profile picture effectively, and some encounters can become weird if a person’s body isn’t what the match expected.

Users can interact and flirt with hundreds of thousands of Big Beautiful Women, Big Handsome Men, and their lovers on LargeFriends’ website.

LargeFriends is a community for plus-size singles that proves size is only numbers. They focus on supporting Big Beautiful singles in finding compatible mates for dating, long-term relationships, partnerships, and marriages.

What we know about Largefriends

Largefriends 2022

Large Friends is an excellent place for you if you want to date thick girls or perhaps even plus-size men. Large Friends is a one-of-a-kind system where plus-sized men and women can communicate and love without fear of being judged or rejected. That alone is reason enough to visit this website.

The site offers a variety of communication features, including the ability to post multiple images, instant messaging, and blogging. The registration process is simple and quick. If you have any issues concerning your profile or the site in general, even online support is available.

Large Friends is well-known among plus-size customers. They claim that Large Friends is the only website where they have never experienced disrespect or fraud. This site is known for its welcoming atmosphere of people who are simply looking to live happy, spread positivity, and spend quality time with like-minded folks.

It’s also popular among the body-positive community of people who adore and respect curvy relationships. There are numerous success stories and reviews from people who have already met their love on this website.

It already has a few thousand daily members, providing a vast pool of options for any subscription. Plus-sized adults of both genders from various walks of life, religions, races, and nationalities are among the thousands of members.

Site Features & Functionality

LargeFriends excludes experimental or inferior technology in favor of working only with the leading technology companies in the matchmaking business to give the best customer experience.

It offers many excellent features to free users, so you might not have to pay to access the site. Paying to become a Premium Member, on the other hand, comes with various benefits, like the opportunity to start communication with other singles, sophisticated searching tools to discover your ideal match, and having your account promoted in searches.

LargeFriends is a website that attempts to establish a secure and supportive environment for plus-sized singles and get people to mingle and fall in love. As a result, regardless of their aims, members can use a wide range of communication features:

Add to Favorites

Don’t you hate it when you come across a fantastic account and then they vanish from your search results? By saving these accounts to your Favorites list, you’ll be less likely to forget about them and miss out on future relationships.


Dropping a wink is a subtle approach to initiate the flirting act. You don’t have to subscribe to give a wink at LargeFriends; you can wink as much as possible with a regular account. So don’t be afraid to wink at your love.

Direct Message

Without the ability to communicate with a user one-on-one, no dating service is functional. Starting a chat is only available to paid subscribers at LargeFriends. If you’re a basic subscriber, at the very least, connect with a paid member who approached you first.

Without a paid subscription, communicating with other users may be difficult. With free features like exchanging winks and blogging, you may peek around the dating website and see if it’s right for you.


It will collect all of the comments you’ve received at LargeFriends in this area. This increases your reputation since people will see how pleasant and popular you are after reading all the comments.

Search Technics

Members can contact each other using the site’s inbuilt advanced search tool. Users can look for their ideal matches based on various criteria, including bone structure, interests, and pastimes. You can also check how many individuals have looked at your account and how many are attracted to you, which will help you make better decisions. Unlike some other matchmaking and dating websites that charge a subscription to switch to premium, LargeFriends.com allows members to browse through over a million member photos for free.


Users can also write about themselves using the site’s Blogging feature. Blogging is a great approach to let people learn more about you while also increasing the visibility of your profile on the platform. You are free to talk about unique situations, your life narrative, what makes you like or despise someone, or anything else you wish.

Likes and comments on postings are also ways to interact with them. Here, you can make friends, meet like-minded folks, express yourself on various issues, and share your thoughts.


Having to scroll through a vast collection of users can be tedious; fortunately, you no more have to see all members in one go with the Spark option. You can only view one profile at the moment and focus on the person you’re observing. Like many other new dating services, Large Friends allows you to “like” a photo you find appealing. Service will notify you if your kindness or attractiveness is genuine if both of you like each other. Swipe right is comparable to it (for better understanding).

Bonus Premium Membership Rewards

You will receive unique benefits after you start promoting posts and making comments, suggesting new ideas, promoting the service on other social networking platforms, and recommending it to your friends.

Account Managers

All key features and good communication tools are available to premium customers, but there is one option that goes above and beyond. Account Managers are actual people who look after your account and offer tips on how to create a presence that will impress other visitors.

Free/Paid Functions

Large Friends is a free service that allows you to wink at people and receive texts. On the other hand, a premium feature will be a fantastic place to start if you want to bring things to a whole new degree.

You can still interact as a free user in various ways. You can send up to 50 winks each day, post a few images, use a simple search tool to discover users, and respond to premium user messages. Although it is a limited introduction, these features are sufficient to determine whether Large Friends is worthy of your time.

Premium Membership provides loyal clients of Large Friends with a plethora of benefits. You will have unrestricted access to anything on this website as a paid client. You may now explore people anonymously, view complete profiles, view full-sized versions of photos, and watch full-length clips.

As a paid member, you’ll also be able to check who browsed your profile and who thought you were attractive and send them a text. You can send an unlimited number of messages.

Getting to know the site and registering

Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to join LargeFriends. It’s simple to become a member of Large Friends. It just requires filling out a profile with your information to assist in the creation of a profile that your potential matches will see.

Large friends login

Follow the link to go to the landing page once you’ve discovered this website online. You can find a typical signup form with a search option on the landing page. You can also log in or view more details offered there.

Large friends signup

Largefriends signup

It only takes a few seconds to complete the signup procedure. You do not need to purchase anything up front or activate any third-party services to start using the website. Feel free to become a happy member, no matter where you live.

Having to sign up for a Large Friends profile is straightforward but comprehensive. The first step is to enter your email address and create a password. Then you’ll move on to filling out your profile information.

To sign up, you must first answer a few questions. Who are you searching for, and what is your sexual preference? What is your preferred type of body and age? Large Friends offers 11 different body types, ranging from thin to thick and curvy. After that, you must specify your region, country, and town.

To complete the registration process, you must first verify your identity by entering your phone number. It will not display your phone number publicly.

You must also submit at least one photo.

Large friends delete the account

Largefriends delete account

Click the “Settings” menu, then the “Notifications” option to delete your account. First, you must click “Click here”. Simply enter your username and password, and you’re done!

Your information will be removed from the website after you delete your account, and others will no longer be able to discover you. You can restore your membership by contacting the support team within six months. Your user profile will be removed permanently after that.

To cancel your membership, you must first turn off the auto-renewal feature. Afterward, choose a “Membership” box from the “Settings” menu. Finally, select “Subscription Status,” followed by “Stop premium membership.”

Largefriends Verification

Largefriends Verification

Large Friends is a completely secure website. It has some of the best recommendations as a specialized website, and you can trust its legitimacy.

You will not be able to join Large Friends unless you validate your mobile number. All your data, including images, blogs, and payment card numbers, are kept completely private. It’s the same with your contact information.

You’re contributing to the site’s security by verifying your account.

A typical fraudster would not purchase a new SIM card or pay for a service. That appears to be a counter-productive strategy. The site can’t guarantee that a user isn’t catfishing, but that’s another matter.


The website for Large Friends is sleek and modern. Large Friends has a lovely user interface. The landing page is designed in a relaxing blue color palette. Everything is in good working order. The design is top-notch, as proven by our Large Friends Review.

It features a straightforward layout with no period of adjustment. Everything here is clearly spelled out and described in-depth for your convenience. You will be guided through the entire sign-up procedure. It’s really user-friendly, and loading times are rather outstanding.

There aren’t as many misleading menus or sections as there are on some other complex websites. For example, the sign-up form is uncomplicated and self-explanatory for everyone who can read and understand English. The main disadvantage is that it does not support many languages, which may cause people from other locations to become disconnected.

Reading the profiles on LargeFriends is a great deal of fun because they are so informative. The majority of the profiles are also properly filled out, allowing you to get a good idea of who the person is. Apart from the level of depth, even basic users have access to detailed profiles, which is a perk.

The majority of the members are in their mid-20s to mid-40s. Men outnumber women by a small percentage, but not so big to lower your chances of finding a partner. This indicates that both sexes have a reasonable probability of finding a partner.

In terms of demographics, users that seek same-sex relationships are welcome on LargeFriends. Even though it promotes deep connections, it’s not difficult to get a hot date or a fling at LargeFriends.

A Large Friends mobile is also a fantastic application. It has all of the updated features of the original website, such as customizable notifications, a simple search, a location tracker, and many more fascinating things. Large Friends is free software available on the landing page and the Google Play Store. However, the makers have yet to create an iOS version.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the site is adapted for mobile browsing to use Large Friends on your smartphone at ease.

The atmosphere at LargeFriends is quite relaxed, and there is never a quiet moment. Therefore frustration is not an option. There are various things you can discuss with old and new friends.

You can start a discussion on the blogs by asking a question. By the way, blogs come in several different forms, so pick the finest one for you to achieve the greatest result. This is also a place where you can meet people that meet your criteria for a romantic partner or just a simple mate.


Among plus-sized clientele, Large Friends has a stellar reputation. The sole question is whether the site’s features and appearance make it worthwhile to join. Continue reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this platform.


  • The importance of body positivity cannot be overstated;
  • Discrimination is strictly forbidden on the website as it promotes diversity and acceptance;
  • On the platform, women may make BBW friendships as well as find dates with males;
  • The site is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • This site attracts a wide group of attractive ladies and handsome men who are looking to interact and form a casual friendship or a serious relationship;
  • Men are honest when it comes to dating BBW singles;
  • Large Friends place a high value on honesty;
  • For mobile users, there is a free application available as Large Friends;
  • Without subscribing, you can look for a match based on their location;
  • Subscribers have the option of reporting any user they believe is up to no good;
  • Aside from the uncomplicated design aesthetic, the home page provides a full explanation of how to get started with the platform;
  • A gallery that is suitable for the whole community to see, as explicit photos are forbidden;
  • Any form of communication that the website may need is available and easy to use;
  • A thorough verification process helps to weed out possible fraudsters who are simply taking advantage of people’s genuine desires for love;


  • With a free membership, you get limited possibilities;
  • Customer service is slow to respond to complaints;
  • After the trial version, you are charged right away, and it is difficult to unsubscribe;
  • The site has technical difficulties from time to time, which should be fixed by standard maintenance;
  • The site’s loading speeds can be irritating at times;
  • When you first use it, the design may appear to be too simplistic;
  • Couples and those looking for couples can both join the site, giving it a significantly more casual vibe than other dating sites and making it less serious;
  • The service is not suitable for you if you aren’t interested in plus-sized dating;
  • Because there is only an application for Android phones, users of iPhones and iPads will have to browse the webpage;

The cost

Registration is absolutely free, just like most other BBW online dating websites. While accessing Large Friends is completely free, you are unable to use the majority of the features when using the free option. You need to pay to interact with the matches.

Although this site usually is free, its effectiveness necessitates a subscription. Before upgrading to the premium edition, most previous and current members recommend getting some suitable matches first.

The cheapest paid membership option gives you just enough features to get successful matches, which is an excellent move. Most of the features are included, except for a video clip, which demands a platinum subscription.

The free package will only let you find the matches; you must subscribe to communicate with them properly.

Gold membership includes:

  1. Everything that is included in the ordinary (free) subscription;
  2. Favorite searches and advanced search features to improve your chance of getting the best potential matches;
  3. Possibility of becoming a featured profile and being promoted to the top of the potential matches list;
  4. In searches, your profile will be promoted above other members, so you will get extra matches and gain popularity;
  5. Can start a conversation or send an email to other members, not just a wink in hopes of getting the message from somebody you like;
  6. The ability to watch video clips from platinum members;

Pricing is in U.S. dollars and is subject to change without notice in countries other than the United States.

Costs in US dollars:

  1. One month is $29.95 per month. Billed in one payment of $29.95.
  2. Three months $19.95 per month. Billed in one payment of $59.95.
  3. 6 months $15.95 per month. Billed in one payment of $95.95.
  4. 12 months $12.00 per month. Billed in one payment of $143.95.

You can cancel your subscription or turn off automatic renewals at any moment.

Bonus Premium Membership

If you do any of the following, LargeFriends will reward you with a premium membership:

  • Post relationship advice and recommendations on your blog or in the comments section;
  • Make valuable suggestions to the LargeFriends staff to help them improve the dating service, as sometimes everyone needs to see the project from different perspectives;
  • Use the user’s social media pages to advertise or encourage the usage of the app;
  • Create promotional posts or news releases to promote the dating site and encourage others to join the platform. It would also widen the dating pool, so it’s a win for you too;
  • Recommend LargeFriends to other respectable and comparable websites as a collaboration to make finding love easier in the challenging world of online dating;

The last two are a little more challenging if you don’t have the necessary connections, but the first three are achievable and will get you some good bonuses.

Please send relevant details in an email to support acquiring your bonus membership.

They presently take payments in the following ways:

  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, or American Express
  • Visa or Mastercard Check Card
  • CCBill

Payments can be made with a credit card, a check, or a debit card over our secure website.

They could no longer support PayPal payments due to recent financial changes.

You have the opportunity to request LargeFriends for a refund. Contact customer care through email or phone right away to ensure that your issue is quickly handled.

LargeFriends, like most dating services, use an auto-renewal mechanism, so you may keep using the features without interruption. Disabling the auto-renewal option is the very first step in canceling your membership. Take special care to stop the auto-billing option from Google Play if you used your phone to access the service, so your subscription does not extend the following month.

Interesting facts about Largefriends

Large Friends is a website founded in 2002 in the United States. SuccessfulMatch, a prominent matchmaking company that offers similar niche sites for body-positive people, owns this dating website. Other niche networks, such as AgeMatch and BiCupid, motivated the founders of Large Friends. Large Friends is a safe space where shaming and harmful behaviors are not tolerated.

Every month, around 50000 people visit this platform to try it out. Large Friends has over 350000 members in the United States alone, but it welcomes people from all around the globe to join today. This upbeat attitude pays off generously: the site receives over 10,000 active users every week, which is extraordinary for a specialized site.

Various types of algorithms are used on the large Friends website to improve the online dating experience. It is entirely dependent on the subscription you pick. Large Friends allows you to find a match just based on your location as a primary member. You can also manually enter your birthdate, nationality, and preferred location. As an advanced subscriber, though, the algorithm is adjusted accordingly. You’ll be able to search for a mate based on keywords, nationality, relocation flexibility, and far more!

Large Friends is a fantastic dating service for BBWs, BHMs, and their supporters. Is it a reliable and comfortable website with a welcoming community? Absolutely.  The pricing is quite affordable, too. Large Friends has a nice design and a lot of free and premium functionality. It’s a fantastic dating site for those looking to meet that special someone.