Catholicmatch.com review 2022. Just Fakes or Real Dates?


Apps and websites certainly have changed the dating scene in recent years, and countless couples have found true love this way.

Singles looking for a match who shares their Catholic beliefs and values might use specific online dating platforms to meet them. This is an excellent approach to filtering the search and meeting somebody who shares your religion and hopes for a long-term relationship.

There are only a few reputable platforms in the Catholic matchmaking world, the largest of which is Catholic Match, which has the most extensive member base.

CatholicMatch.com is one of the most popular online dating sites for meeting somebody who matches your views and way of life with an excellent level of monthly users. Ensuring that neither you nor your potential mate will have to sacrifice your principles to accommodate one another’s.

Catholic Match appears to be the rational option if matching your faith with your companion will be a must. Is it, however, a platform you can trust in your hunt for the perfect mate, or is it just another online dating scam?

Catholicmatch.com review

What we know about this site

Catholic Match is the biggest single Catholic network, and it has been sponsored by many influential Catholic leaders, some of whom have even met their wives through the service.

After joining up and making an account, you can either look for your ideal Catholic partner or check it through Catholic Match’s ideas. Matching is made based on your preferences, and once you’ve discovered someone you like, you can contact them.

Vulgar vocabulary and persons not legitimately using the platform for its original purpose are carefully monitored through user accounts. Members are asked some questions well before they sign up in order to measure their Catholic commitment, evaluate their personas, and provide a summary of their lifestyles for their accounts.

You can’t contact users if you only browse with the free membership, even with a simple Hi, but you can still look through photos and save them to a List of favorites to help you determine if it’s really worth paying for.

Catholic Singles is a great starting point if you’re looking for a Catholic-specific dating service that focuses on the profundity of your religion rather than the diversity of other members.

Site Features & Functionality

CatholicMatch compensates for the lack of a deeper matching algorithm with unique features. Rather than simply showing pairings to users, they allow them to browse through possibilities.

Interview Questions

Before you start interacting with another user, use Interview Questions as an introduction. You can ask up to 20 multiple-choice questions on your account and have others answer them. This is a fantastic approach to figuring out if someone has a deal-breaker, a practice, or a viewpoint that you disagree with.


These are emojis that can only be found in Catholic Match. Because chatting with strangers might be intimidating, Catholic Match has created a tool to assist users in making a quick and simple introduction without the stress of finding the right words. Instead of a dull “hi,” you might gift somebody a rose or a cup of coffee.

Type of temperament

According to a theoretical approach, there are four essential personality characteristics: sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and phlegmatic. According to theory, persons can be any of them or a combination of them.

A look at the data can provide you a lot of information about how to interact with the individual.

In collaboration with one of its associated sites, Catholic Match provides a psychological test. The outcomes are displayed on your profile, where you can compare them to those of other members and decides who suits you best as a person.

The Search Function

You have immediate access to search using any criteria you choose. You may filter out the ideal gentleman or lady for you within the searches and only see those precise outcomes. Catholic Match also allows you to bookmark searches to find your potential matches faster. You may even keep numerous searches if you’re hunting for different types of users.

The Photo Wall

This photo composite that you’d notice when you go to your own home area and look at all of the recent pics that users in your neighborhood have just submitted. After you tap on the image, the person’s name and data will appear in the top right corner of the screen. And clicking on that will bring you to their detailed dating profile.


Catholic Match also features a nice chat boards part where you can strike up a conversation or simply communicate with other Catholic singles. To join the forum, you must have a premium subscription, though.

Free/Paid Functions

The service has the same pricing policy as other of the world’s leading online dating websites. You can sign up for free and browse through as many connections as you wish. Though, you will need to join one of the premium plans if you want to message someone you really like.

Catholic Match charges a reasonable fee for its offerings. Take into account that your account will continue to be free for as long as you want it to be, but your possibilities will be limited. If you don’t feel ready to commit, you may begin with one month. However, it will be more costly this way.

The cost of a one-month membership is $29.95, although it can be extended or expanded. The 3-month package costs $19.95 per month, which is more reasonable pricing.

The CatholicMatch Guarantee promises that you have the highest possible advantage in finding a match. The semi-annual ($12.49/month) option is not only the most cost-effective but also provides you with the most comprehensive coverage. If you don’t find love during the first six months, the system will automatically extend your membership for another six months at no fee.

You must upload at least 5 images and speak with some other user of the opposite gender at least once a week to be entitled to the guarantee.

The following benefits come with a paid subscription:

  • Messaging is unlimited
  • Checking out who has liked your page
  • Alerts of the read message
  • Emotigrams
  • Message boards

Getting to know the site and registering

You may see a glimpse of the types of users in your region before signing up. If you enjoy what you observe, you can join right away.

Site signup

All you have to do now is fill up some personal information. It also asks for additional info and comprehensive specifics about your faith, such as how much you worship and how often you attend religious services.

CatholicMatch can be accessed using your email or Facebook account. Although there aren’t many, all of the fields in the signup process must be filled out.

Since only one question is displayed per page, registering can take some time. However, they keep you updated on your progress, and it takes less than 10 minutes to get a fully filled account ready to start connecting with others.

Although it’s more demanding than most dating services, these features allow CatholicMatch to give you the most significant connections and help you save your time.

You also will be needed to submit the main picture in addition to these questions. The image in question can be imported from your PC or pulled from your Facebook profile.

After you’ve successfully registered, you may complete the temperament test to help connect you with people who share your interests. You must also complete the Match Portrait before you can get matches.

Site login

Unlike many other online dating websites, where you can choose your own moniker, CatholicMatch will choose one for you. “YourName-MembershipNumber” is your default login.

Site delete account

Your membership can be canceled through your profile settings. If you want to withdraw from automatic renewal, you have one week to do so, and you have three days to turn back your CatholicMatch transaction if you don’t like something.

You can also switch your profile status in My Account (Active or Inactive). If you set your status to inactive. You won’t be able to access anything on the website except your info and support sections. You would not be visible in other users’ search results, nor will you receive new connections or be paired with anybody. This allows you to put your account on hold while still keeping your information and existing conversations. Through submitting a support request to CatholicMatch, accounts might be entirely deactivated.


Before each personal content or picture is published to an account, the Catholic Match safety department double-checks it. The company also has a skilled security team that ensures the stability and privacy of all Catholic Match users.

Catholic Match offers sophisticated security technology that constantly monitors the website for questionable or unauthorized activity. Catholic Match monitors profiles, and if they suspect an account is not legitimate, it will be suspended.

While efforts are taken to prevent dangerous individuals from browsing the site, the security system can only protect you while you are on Catholic Match. As a result, they suggest that you keep your interactions on the Catholic Match platform’s secure servers for at least a week before exchanging offsite contact details.

Interface Catholic match

While joining the dating world is a hassle, the website is a delight to use. It has a modern twist, with lots of room to choose where you would like to go next on the webpage.

You can either browse for your ideal Catholic partner or explore through the recommendations Catholic Match gives you after you’ve signed up and managed to make an account. Matching is based on your preferences, but you can contact them once you’ve discovered someone you like.

The option to browse the users’ database to identify members who meet your criteria is a tool that Catholic Singles shares with standard dating websites. If you’ve passed the Catholic Singles matching test, you can browse by region, hobbies, and looks, or you can do a more extensive search.

Profiles are often filled with detailed information about the individual behind them due to the thorough registration questionnaire.

Sharing icebreakers, liking images, and exchanging notes are some available communication methods. The usernames are used to communicate among the users. That is recommended that you do not change your username because it is how other users will identify you.

You can find several things that can make good conversation starters or mutual understanding by glancing through a member’s profile. The information in a member’s account covers various issues, from their favorite films to their beloved saints and even their religious practices.

Accounts with pictures are more likely to be explored, and CatholicMatch ensures that you can openly express yourself with photos. In a large panel, images are displayed for everyone to see. You can post up to 50 photos, which is ideal if you have selected a good set of selfies. Photos appear at the bottom of each user’s homepage.

If you consent, CatholicMatch will also share the results of your personality test. To see your temperament scores, you must first complete a questionnaire. You’ll be able to look at other people’s scores and analyze their personalities if you want.

CatholicMatch’s greatest strength is matchmaking, and the site has built a significant user base over the decades.

Surprisingly, unless you post your own picture, the system restricts your possibilities when seeing other users’ photos. Every time somebody checks your profile page, CatholicMatch informs you, so you can make a visit as well. Even though the platform provides you with a list of potential matches, you can also conduct a thorough search by yourself.

The program has three unique features that are only available through CatholicMatch:

·   The Match Portrait will be the first, and it functions similarly to a temperament test. It assesses your responses and matches them to those of your soulmate.

·   The Personal Interview is the second feature. You may use this section to create multiple-choice questions that will be displayed to the rest of the community. Their responses then help you determine whether or not you are a good match with someone.

·   The Temperament Test measures your fundamental patterns and preferences.

The prayer forums are another faith-based activity offered on Catholic Singles’ online pages. You can volunteer to pray for others, ask others to pray with you, and reveal your own prayer objectives. Look for information about events held in a church near you, including places and hours of meetings, using your location.

Catholic Match Mobile App

Android and iPhone users can download the app. The webpage is mobile-friendly and works nicely on a mobile device. The app offers a simplified solution suitable for those with limited availability but who wish to connect with other single Catholics.

You may create a new account, perform basic searches, examine member profiles, and chat with the Catholic Singles app. You can operate your account entirely from your phone.

The Catholic Singles app has an advantage over the website in that you can check your messages as they come in, allowing you to interact with your connections quickly.

Customer Service

To get registered on CatholicMatch.com, you must strictly follow account standards. Before accessing some aspects of the website, such as the discussion forums, you must acknowledge and respect specific regulations. Any user who engages in inappropriate activity or displays evidence of a false identity is removed from the system.

If you have an issue, require assistance, or wish to report somebody, you can contact customer support via email or visit the discussion board.

You can use computerized systems to manage your profile, but a devoted customer service team is also there.

Pros/cons of Catholic Match

Members can verify their accounts on Facebook to ensure the legitimacy of the person behind the screenWhen compared to other dating websites, membership is somewhat pricey
Profiles disclose data about your opinions and interests to help you discover more compatible partnersCatholic Singles’ free membership provides limited to no features, and connecting with other members requires a subscription
It’s one of the most well-known Catholic dating sites, and it has been in business since 1999, so you can trust itYou have no way of knowing who is a paid member and who is not
The website asks you a series of extremely detailed questions about your values. So, if you’re looking for a like-minded Catholic, this is the place to goOnly other users who have completed the Match Portrait are eligible for computerized matching
People you’ll discover on the site are usually committed to meeting somebody special because texting involves a paid subscriptionIf you don’t live in a big city, the user base may be limited; therefore, you’ll have to explore a bigger area for matches
If you don’t meet somebody suitable for you in six months, CatholicMatch will give you another six months for freeThe account activation process can be quite long, and you must finish the majority of your profile before you can look at the local people
Hundreds of couples who connected on Catholic Match have shared their good examples, which include images and personal notes for everyone to read and get inspiredReceiving a refund might be challenging
For both iOS and Android, there are CatholicMatch matchmaking apps on the market;·   The Catholic Match mobile app is simple to use, and all of the Catholic Match features are accessible with simplicity and flexibility

The cost

CatholicMatch charges a reasonable fee for its products.

If you don’t subscribe to a premium membership initially, you won’t be able to send a message to other users.

You can offer them Emotigrams if you’re a free user, but you won’t be able to include a customized comment to make your encounter even more unforgettable.

Some online dating sites will not disclose their cost until you’ve signed up for a free account and put in some effort. We’ve got you covered if you want to figure out how much Catholic Match charges.

A one-month Premium Starter subscription costs $29.99, although it can be extended or increased.The 6-month plan has a 33 percent lower monthly charge, but you’ll be committing for a longer period of time. They charge you $14.99 for every month with one fixed amount.The annual plan is not only the most cost-effective, but it also includes The CatholicMatch Guarantee, which ensures that you have the best chance of finding a relationship. The monthly fee for this plan is $9.99.

All subscriptions are invoiced as a single transaction at the time of purchase. There is no membership costs upfront, and there are no extra hidden charges.

Catholic Match has recently implemented a new tool only available to subscribers who have purchased a 6-month or 12-month premium. It is a notification for when a message has been read. In general, if you send out a message to a person, you’ll be able to know when and if they’ve read it.

There are no further add-ons or upgrades that you must pay for on the platform. When you buy a subscription, you have access to all features and capabilities.

 It’s comforting to note that the Catholic Match pricing structure is transparent and does not require an investigation or math background to understand.

Is it really worth the money?

It may be an excellent site to encounter high-quality, good-looking people if you’re Catholic or have a Catholic upbringing, and it’s crucial for you to marry someone who shares your beliefs.

However, take into consideration that Catholic Match does not have the same level of popularity as other significant applications and websites. So, unless you live in a big city like Austin or Los Angeles, your searching may take a while.

We were pretty satisfied with the Catholic Match sign-up procedure, simplicity of use, functionality, and general quality of matches provided. Do we believe this website is worthwhile? The fee of the Catholic Match, from our viewpoint, is well worth it.

If you’re concerned about the price, keep in mind what you’re searching for. You’re hunting for someone with whom you may possibly spend the rest of your life.

Interesting facts about Catholic Match

It all started in 1999 when buddies Brian Barcaro and Jason LaFosse decided to start a local singles forum to support marriages and create a dynamic, moral society.

In 2003, they were renamed CatholicMatch.com after the site became a huge hit.

Catholic Match stood out from other dating websites like eHarmony because it offered a distinctively Catholic environment. It had grown to become the most popular online platform for single Christians by 2005, with members from all over the globe, including the United Kingdom, Australia, the Philippines, and most of Europe.

With about 28 million unmarried Catholics in the United States only, the site has grown to become the largest Catholic dating service in the country, serving such a massive audience.

Not only will the platform match you with great partners, but it will also continue to generate excellent content to help you develop your marriage and grow socially and personally.

CatholicMatch Institute

Other faith-based segments are available on CatholicMatch. One such group is the CatholicMatch Institute, which aims to solve the particular troubles that couples and unmarried Catholics experience daily. It contains blog posts to assist Catholics in managing the highs and lows of being single and those who are already in a partnership.

Other resources available at the Institute include online classes, manuals, and publications on religion, marriage, and relationships.

Although the courses and manuals are not free, current CatholicMatch clients will receive a discounted rate if they purchase them.

Success stories

Want to see how CatholicMatch has helped other singles? That’s simple since CatholicMatch.com has hundreds of success stories for you to browse. Every month, on average, five or more articles are published. These pieces give an in-depth look at the happy couple, including how they met and their love developed. Success stories come from many walks of life, including all ages and nationalities of Catholics.

Trivia contest

The weekly quiz challenge aims to help single Catholics learn more about the Catholic religious belief while also providing some competitive spirit.

A Trivia Leader Board displays the top 20 users from the previous week, ranked by overall score and series of questions completed. When you click on a ranked member’s name, you’ll be taken to their CatholicMatch page.