Connectingsingles Review

Share is one of the 100% free online dating websites. With over 10,000 active members per week, this website seems to be extremely popular when it comes to women too! According to the statistics, this website features 60% female and 40% male active members. Unlike most dating websites out there, this one actually offers a variety of things you can do. There are quizzes, forums, a list of events, chat rooms and all of it is for free! Sounds good? Continue reading to learn more about great features and Connectingsingle reviews we have found online! 

Member Structure

Connectingsingles Review

With over 50,000 members who reside in the USA, Connecting Singles is actually for anyone who wants to find the love of their life through a completely free and decently designed dating website online! Of course, in order to browse through and begin your search, you will have to create a profile first! Doing this is completely free and can be done in a few minutes of your time. According to the information found online about Connecting Singles, women are actually more active than male members when it comes to flirting. Men seem to be more active in spending their time on forums.

While this is a dating website, it actually seems to be more about hanging out and getting to know people, as most popular ways seem to be forums.

Signing Up

If you decided to create a Connecting Singles account and you want to become a respected Connecting Singles member, go ahead and use your Connecting Singles login right away! Creating your account can be done using your Facebook account and of course, your email address. When you type in all of your wished information such as username and your password, you will be given a list of rules you must follow if you want to be a part of Connecting Singles dating site and their community. New members usually stay under the reviewing period for the first 24 hours. To ensure their members are real people and not fake, this website also requires you to write three essays depending on the three questions you get asked. The way you write your answers will have a great impact on how you get matched.


Connecting Singles has some great features to offer:

  • Games and Quizzes

We all enjoy playing games every now and then, they are relaxing! Quizzes are also very fun, therefore, you can play and enjoy both of these features on Connecting Singles

  • Forum

Forums are the most popular part of the website and the majority of users prefer to spend their time right there

  • Photo Albums

Photo Albums are available and completely free for everyone, however, your account will have to be at least 24 hours old. 

  • Fun interaction system

Knowing this website is all about entertainment and fun with people, they also implemented a fun interaction system that allows you to send messages, like pictures and posts of others, send flowers and even check contact requirements in case you are interested.

Making Contact

Knowing there is a 24-hour reviewing process, you will not be able to message anyone at all. Not to make it all boring, you can always play games featured on the website and visit the famous forum tab everyone seems to be in love with. After the 24-hour period has passed and your account has been approved, you will be able to send messages to any member you want completely free of charge. However, members of Connecting Singles usually use forum tab to talk and discuss things and barely anyone will stick to intimate messages or private messages. Unlike most dating websites, Connecting Singles does not support live chat, and the profiles you will find will not really be filled with much detail and all profile pictures are entirely visible to everyone for free. If you do not mind these so-called ‘’safety problems’’ you will surely have a lot of fun using Connecting Singles. 

Design and Usability

Usually, dating sites do not really seem to have great apps at all, however, Connecting Singles app is actually awesomely designed. Featuring a clear and very simple design, this app is completely free to download but sadly, it is an only Android app for now. While the application functions flawlessly and it works perfectly fine, the majority of the Connecting Singles reviews claim that the website seems to be a lot more convenient to use. 


Everything found on Connecting Singles is free for everybody and everybody can use it. Unlike most dating websites, this website actually tries to liven up the online dating experiences in all possible ways. Connecting Singles is not all about dating either, it is an actual community that shares and uploads great content too. While the whole process of finding you a partner might seem quite slow, the entertaining part of the website surely makes a lot of sense as well.

Overall, Connectingsingles is a great option for those looking for a serious relationship. The site is easy to use and has a lot of features that are helpful in finding a potential partner.