Meetville.com review 2022: how to use site and app


Meetville is a popular dating site for adults from all around the globe. The service is excellent for connecting with people in the local communities, and users must be at least 17 years old.

Meetville’s founders acknowledge that it is a great place for singles of all generations to discover people who share their interests. This online dating site is designed to support sophisticated, mature singles in their quest for life companions and long-term connections.

According to the matchmaking service, it strives to make people happy by supporting them in discovering their second half. Its subscribers are a mix of younger, more experienced, separated, and multicultural singles who communicate in various ways.

What we know about Meetville


Meetville is an innovative dating system that emphasizes psychological connection, such as similar goals and expectations, to meshing couples, unlike other applications that rely on attractiveness.

Meetville promises that concentrating on matching people based on mutual beliefs and passions can help you discover a long-term companion sooner than expected.

Meetville is all about connecting with the right kind of people, and it’s here to help you interact, communicate, and romance with the most amazing individuals from all over the world.

Site Features & Functionality

When you are using Meetville, you may take advantage of all of its functions. It offers an easy-to-use user experience. To get going, you must first build a complete profile with photos. You will be required to fill out the form.

Meetville is fantastic because it allows you to locate other singles who agree with your views, goals, and passions. You can also look for somebody based on their profession or physical attributes. On the other hand, the apps focus on matching people based on psychological similarity.

Meetville’s particular search feature makes finding a perfect match a breeze. It lets you search for a prospective partner based on ethnicity, profession, physical attributes, and interests, among other factors. Furthermore, boosting your profile will attract the attention of possible matches even more.

Generally, the app is straightforward to manage. It offers a sleek and attractive UI and allows users to share up to 100 high-resolution photos. Meetville also provides icebreakers for starting a conversation.

When you’re on Meetville, make the most of every moment. Meetville is all about meeting your match made in heaven and interacting, sharing your mood with others, creating friends, and simply having fun.

If your 5 connections don’t turn into meaningful connections, you may always use the selected parameters to find better mates. You must, however, validate your identity using social media network accounts, a piece of contact information, or an image.

Free/Paid Functions


You’d assume an intriguing set of features to help you discover a perfect partner based on how Meetville advertises its application.

Meetville’s free users get access to a few essential tools, but they won’t be able to send direct messages unless they improve their membership level.

The Meetville attributes strike us as being very conventional and commonplace. To be realistic, Meetville’s set of features isn’t really remarkable.

Free features:

  • Use regular parameters to find soulmates;
  • You can share a little something about yourself in the free text sections of your account;
  • You get access to the collection of profiles;
  • You can send and receive likes;
  • You can have a private list of favorites, so you won’t lose any profiles you liked;
  • You are allowed to upload up to 100 photos with no extra fee;
  • Free users can report harassment;
  • You can use regional searching to find people who are interested in relationships in your neighborhood;
  • An option to prevent certain people from contacting you;

You can join Meetville without contributing anything. The mobile app is also available as a free download. Most, though not all, of the site’s activities and services are available for free.

However, to unlock and use more features and functionality, such as connecting with other users.

Any premium membership class comes with additional benefits, such as:

  • Increase your profile’s exposure to prospective mates;
  • Select the kind of users who will be able to contact you;
  • For the ideal dating experience, get unlimited messages;
  • Receive chat opener ideas and the ability to deliver incredible presents and appealing GIFs to potential mates;

Getting to know the site and registering

Meetville, like many other analogous websites, uses the same concepts to match singles. You may get Meetville on your smartphone by downloading it from the AppStore or Google Play. The next step is to set up an account, as only authorized users have access to the app’s features.

It’s simple and free to join the dating service. You can sign up in just a few steps in around eight minutes.

Meetville signup

To download the latest application from the marketplaces, you’ll need a smartphone or another compatible device. A sign-up page will be displayed once you open the smartphone app, inviting you to input your username, nickname, email, password, sexuality, nationality, why you would like to be a website user, aspirations, and region, among other information.

Meetville login


Log in to your email to log in to your account. The website will send you a message with a link that you must follow to verify your identity. Meetville also allows potential customers to create a dating profile using their Facebook or another social network identity. Your app’s profile will look identical to your social media profile if you follow the social media approach.

Meetville delete account

There are now two main methods for deleting your profile, which are shown below:

Tap on My Profile in the Meetville application. Select Account Settings, then Delete My Account on the personal account.

Then specify your reason for wanting to remove your account and press the Delete My Account box.

A pop-up notice will now display asking for confirmation to delete your account.


Create a new letter in your registered email account. Put “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the opening sentence and send it to the support email.

Meetville Verification

Meetville takes its users’ protection and reliability extremely seriously. A crew on the network verifies and rejects explicit content, photographs, and information.

It uses a thorough registration process to verify that only committed singles join the site. Furthermore, the restrictive paid subscription structure for accessing essential services deters scammers and frivolous users from registering.

Interface secret benefits

Meetville com

The Meetville app has a very user-friendly layout, great functionality, and a beautiful design. There is simply one menu on the left side of the website with buttons reflecting all of the functionality you’ll need when using the website.

A premium subscription allows you to send and receive unlimited messages from other users. You can also enhance your account to attract more potential partners’ interest.

You may also use winks to let other users know you’re eager to get to know them. Every day, the application suggests 5 or 10 potential mates. You can, though, search manually beyond that limit.



  • The software connects people based on common interests using an artificial intelligence-powered dating algorithm;
  • Meetville has a good system in place to identify fraudulent accounts;
  • For each area, it gives a vast database with thousands of active users;


  • There are very few unique features in this app;
  • It’s pricey in comparison to similar apps in its category;
  • Members express their dissatisfaction with the appearance of fraudsters;
  • Many critical comments claim that the application is expensive and does not fulfill its promises;

The cost

To get any kind of interaction capabilities out of Meetville, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

To acquire and use more features and functionality, such as connecting with other subscribers, you must subscribe for a membership. Three subscription options are available on the site. Each unlocks a set of features.

This costs $9.99 a week if paid one month in advance, $4.99 if paid three months in advance, and $2.99 if paid a year in advance.

Please keep in mind that Meetville’s paid packages may differ depending on your location.

For the subscription plan, the site uses an auto-renewal charging system.  Unless you directly stop the subscription, the membership provider will continue to charge your credit.

Interesting facts about secret benefits

Unlike most dating applications, Meetville concentrates on intellectual compatibility rather than attractiveness when deciding who to connect with. It’s made to promote conversation, connecting, and courtship.

Is Meetville legit?

The fact that the app has over 28 million users worldwide is proof that it works. And the fact that they’ve been in business for almost ten years shows that they’ve succeeded.

Overall, the app is uncomplicated to manage. Its interface design is modern and sophisticated. Meetville also provides icebreakers for starting a conversation.