Do you lead an active lifestyle and look for a partner who would share the same interests as you? Are you enjoying extreme mountain biking trips? Or maybe you’re more of a gym shark? It’s generally believed that active and fit people don’t need help meeting significant others, but that’s not true. The reality is quite the opposite. There’s a special place online where people like you can find a match. Fitness Singles dating site is one of the most popular online platforms designed especially for single people who are very much into sports. Never heard of it before? Then our Fitness Singles review is going to be extremely helpful for you.

Member Structure 

Fitness Singles dating site gathers around two million users from the United States, forty thousand of which are active every week. That’s a pretty large number. One thing that really made us quite optimistic about this site is that it has pretty much even gender proportion. Of all the users, 42% are females, and 58% are males. It goes to prove that fitness dating is more or less gender-neutral. The people using this site are mostly young adults, but there are also many mature sports enthusiasts in their 40s and even 50s. But one thing you can be confident about is that no matter how old you are, you will be able to find a partner who is into a healthy lifestyle just as much as you. 

Signing Up 

Every new member needs to sign up with a valid email address. It might not give you a 100% guarantee that they verify all the users, but at least you know for sure that most Fitness Singles profiles belong to the real people. The platform will ask you to come up with your username and password, so the registration process is pretty much standard. You’ll then will be asked to add more information about you, but you aren’t required to fill in all the lines and can skip some questions. You will, however, be encouraged to share a few fitness activities you enjoy, because after all, the site is called Fitness Singles. How else are people supposed to know that you share their interests? Finally, you’ll need to upload some cute profile picture. We’d recommend something related to sports, or at least a full-height photo showing others that you don’t have a beer belly. 


This site doesn’t have many features for a paid platform. Also, it doesn’t have a mobile app yet, so no Fitness Singles mobile for you, or at least not yet. Some elements you might like include the Primary Fitness Activities feature, which shows the users what fitness activities are most common among the community members. Also, you can view the top 25 most popular users, both male and female. Other than that, you won’t find anything unusual or particularly impressive, but we don’t think it’s a serious concern. Unless you signed up to play Candy Crush, you will find this platform enjoyable enough as it is.  

Making Contact 

So does Fitness Singles work? In answer to the question, there’s a high chance that you will find someone on this website. You can try several options to make contacts. The most common way is using Basic Search, which presumes to browse through lots of profiles without any particular category. Another way is Custom Search, and that’s when you get to choose from users that match specific criteria, such as age, interests, distance, and so on. 

Fitness Singles also lets you find other members by the username. You can save your searches to get back to them later, see what new members have joined the community, and who is currently online. There is a chatroom, which is a more fun way to meet online. So as you can see, there are plenty of options. Plus, you can block users if they get too annoying. It must be noted though that not all the features are available for free.  

Design and Usability 

Fitness Singles website has a minimalistic design, some would even call it stylish, whereas others might find it not so cute. It’s a matter of taste. One thing we can say for sure is that you won’t find any annoying popups or overwhelming background. There’s no unusual animation either. Overall, the site is designed in such a way that there’s simply nothing to look at than the member profiles. Like it or not, it’s up to you. That said, the site is very user-friendly. People of all ages will find it easy to navigate, even if they didn’t have any prior experience of using dating platforms before.  


Overall, Fitness Singles can potentially satisfy your needs. If you want to date someone who absolutely must be into the same things as you are, and if the active rest is the only kind of rest you tolerate, then we’d recommend you to try this platform. We can’t say it’s special in any way other than the community. Most of the users are fitness singles indeed. However, be prepared to pay for some features as this dating site is not free.