Secretbenefits.com review 2022: how it works and is it worth trusting


Become someone’s fantasy sugar daddy. Start making yourself a sugar baby in somebody else’s desires. Bring your dreams and desires to life.

Despite popular belief, sugar daddy and sugar baby partnerships provide men with emotional support while providing younger women with mentorship, assistance, and intimacy that they cannot find from fairly young, immature men.

Search no further if you’re looking for a Secret Benefits review. Throughout our Secret Benefits review, we take a glance at one of the world’s most popular apps for sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships.

When you’re prepared to discover once and for all if this online dating site is right for you, stay tuned for our in-depth Secret Benefits review.

What we know about this site


SecretBenefits is a global site for people looking for a sugar baby or sugar daddy. You can explore personal profiles, watch others’ photos or videos, and interact with each other to ensure it is indeed a good match for you.

The dating site, which debuted in 2015, is accessible via computer and a mobile-friendly webpage, but there are no dedicated available to download app alternatives. According to the number of visitors and the total amount of reviews and comments, Secret Benefits appears to be an online platform that makes people feel more comfortable with dating apps.

Who is SecretBenefits.com primarily directed to? Humans all feel lonely from time to time. If you’re reading this, you’re already willing to take part in the online dating world.

Secret Benefits’ typical audience consists of adult males, or sugar daddies, and pretty young females, or sugar babies. Sugar daddies on the site are typically between the ages of 30 as well as up to 60, while sugar babies are between the ages of 19 and over. In general, everybody is welcome.

Secretbenefits Features & Functionality

ecretbenefits Features

Secret Benefits is a fairly simple app, so there’s just not a bunch of different bells and whistles. Nonetheless, there are a few intriguing things from which everyone will benefit.

Unrestricted search with advanced filtering. The Secret Benefits search process is extremely simple. When searching for the perfect match, users can use the filter feature, which makes it possible for them to sort profiles by ethnic background, age, physical attributes, height, and hair color.

Sugar Babies can add special pictures and videos to their page’s private album. Such an album charges 10 credits to enter and provides the viewer with a sneak peek at the woman in the picture. This feature gives the site’s interactions an element of mystery, which is always intriguing.

A fully functional chat. In a messenger, you can openly interact with your chosen one. You will also be given additional opportunities to engage in multiple conversations.

Other modes of interaction: What can you do while having a conversation with a lady? Other methods of communication include the ability to send secret benefit texts, pictures and videos, likes, and so on. You can also send requests to a secret album.

A dependable security system. You can feel completely secure about your privacy and personal data with the Secret Benefits network security. Avoiding con artists and catfish is a crucial component of Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby courting. Nobody wants to spend money or resources having a conversation with a liar.

Fortunately, Secret Benefits has a quick and simple authentication scheme that both parties in the dating world can use.

Free/Paid Functions

Here are the functionalities you can access and use for free:

  • Registering and establishing a profile;
  • Securing verification;
  • Searching through dating profiles;
  • Search with multiple filters to get the perfect match;
  • Adding profiles to the favorites list;
  • Looking at sugar baby pictures;
  • Hide My Profile (unusual these days on sugar sites);
  • Viewing your Admirers, Visitors, and People Who Considered Your Profile;
  • Granting access to your secret album;
  • Making adjustments to the sugar daddy account;
  • Modifying the password;
  • Notifying the site’s customer support and filing complaints;

Secret Benefits uses a credit system. Credits enable you to do the following:

  • Messages are sent;
  • Send pictures and videos;
  • Open up hidden albums;
  • Get first-class treatment;
  • Rank higher in search results;

That does not include all of the functionalities, but it does include the majority of them. Yes, exchanging photos cost money, but everything is reasonable given that the site is partially free.

Sugar Babies can use the site for free, which is fantastic! Rather than just paying a monthly service charge, Sugar Daddies only buy credits. This greatly helps in keeping purchases discrete and budgets low.

Getting to know the site and registering

Secretbenefits registration

A few other Secret Benefits reviews are indifferent, while others specify that there are numerous areas where Secret Benefits could optimize, such as more verification on sugar daddy accounts. However, many people praise the dating website and how it introduced them to sugar romantic relationships.

To continue the Secret Benefits browsing routine, you must provide a basic bio that perfectly represents you. Then, after providing an email address, age, and ethnic background, you can add a profile photo and other information. After you’ve completed the process, you can conduct a subjective SecretBenefits review to determine whether the platform meets your requirements.

Secretbenefits login

Secretbenefits login

It is critical to complete your account by including a bio and a high-quality picture. It will improve your chances of meeting a lot of sugar babies. Start by creating an interesting and entertaining bio or publish pictures taken in exotic locations to try something different. It is entirely up to you.

Secretbenefits signup

Secretbenefits signup

Signing up is quick and easy, but it takes some time. The Secret Benefits webpage has a Free Signup button at the top right corner. A normal user only needs to fill out some basic information to become a member, such as a Name, age, ethnic background, sexual identity, email address, and password.

It is optional to include a profile pick. Our entire profile creation process would take 10 to 15 minutes. Registration is simple, and the procedure is supported by an intuitive interface.

Here are some pieces of advice on how to set up a nice SB/SD account:

To obtain a comprehensive account, answer all of the questions asked during the registration process. During registration, you will be directed to survey questions, with all queries being optional. However, we recommend devoting some extra time to answering those honestly.

Verify your identity. Sugar relationships are already becoming riskier with all the scam artists around. Picture verification will only serve to reassure potential sugar partners.

Before you create an account for the platform, you should be completely sure of what you’re inclined to do or how much it would cost.

No matter how secure Secret Benefits is, there are still predators lying in wait online, and you must take every preventive measure to avoid becoming a target of them. Don’t reveal any major details about yourself.

Secretbenefits delete account

Given the user’s account’s private nature, it’s essential that you deactivate it if you no longer use it.

Unlike some other dating sites that offer a mobile app, Secret Benefits only provides access through the official site.

Use your browser to find the Secret Benefits webpage. Enter your username and password to access your profile. On the webpage, navigate to Account Settings. Look for the Delete Account feature under Membership. To confirm account deletion, enter your username and password. Continue Cancellation should be chosen and then you’re all set.


Nobody enjoys wasting precious time on fraudulent accounts and con artists. As a result, SecretBenefits.com includes a quick and easy persona verification system. If you’re prepared to resume your sugaring adventure, it only takes a few verification clicks. This way, your love interests will have faith in you, whether you’re a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Secret Benefits is a secure and legitimate website, but don’t overlook safeguards. Consider your safety first, as you would in any other large online community, and gradually build trust.

Interface secret benefits

Interface secret benefits

Secret Benefits is without a doubt one of the most visually appealing internet sites on the market. It is user-friendly and comfortable for technologically advanced users as the interface welcomes all new members and provides an incredible place to stay. Secret Benefits’ layout is soft and vibrant, evoking dozens of positive associations and, more notably, a sense of certainty that you will find the right companion.


  • A strict photo verification system was put in place to retain the platform free of spammers and fraudsters.
  • Sugar Babies never have to pay anything to use the app.
  • Members can ask for access to private photo albums in secret albums.
  • Premium membership fees are reasonable.
  • Because of the credits system, there are no monthly subscription fees.
  • The layout is user-friendly, allowing even those with no prior experience to use the site comfortably.
  • Account verification is quick and simple.
  • Detailed profile personalization.
  • Registration is quick, and the chatting features are excellent.


  • There is still no mobile app available; only web-based access is provided.
  • At the moment, there is no video chat feature.
  • There aren’t as many communication options as on most other dating websites.
  • There are no free trials of paid functionalities.

The cost

One of the most important aspects of sugar dating is the financial side. Secret Benefits provides all users with a free standard subscription. However, sugar babies can use the site for free, whereas sugar daddies must pick up the tab.

The platform’s main advantage is that it helps to calculate the cost per credit in each offered bundle.

  • Introductory package—$0.59 per credit
  • Elite Package—$0.34 per credit
  • Best value package—$0.29 per credit

The prices are comparable to other sugar online dating websites in the market segment. There are no hidden fees or expiration dates for credits.

Secret Benefits secure payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB allow you to spend your money on such a fun adventure with confidence.

The number of free options available is extensive, but it is insufficient to initiate a sugar relationship. The list omits the most significant aspect which is communication, and it comes at a cost.

The number of paid functionalities is narrow, which is unusual given that the vast majority of sugar daddy dating sites charge for the greater part of their features. When compared to other platforms in the target market, the cost for every service seems to be quite reasonable.

Interesting facts about secret benefits

secret benefits

This secretbenefits.com review explains why Secret Benefits is a great dating site for sugar daddies to discover sugar babies. The website allows for quick registration and verification.

Since the Secret Benefits dating site has many users, it is an efficient way to begin sugar dating. It allows users to enjoy living with sugaring on a safe site full of like-minded individuals. The only disadvantage of the site is that some subscribers prefer to keep their identities hidden.

Secret Benefits, in our opinion, of course, is worth the effort of a regular sugar baby or sugar daddy. Here on a webpage, there is a large membership of prospective partners, and all subscribers are open to cooperation and collaboration. Furthermore, when compared to websites that use repeating monthly charges, the site’s credit system is currently the most advantageous in terms of reasonable spending.

It features useful functionalities such as filters and quick user interaction. It also works on mobile devices and has a dependable security system that keeps scammers out. The site offers both free and paid alternatives, as well as reasonable membership fees.

SecretBenefits.com can effortlessly withstand the pressure of competing sugar dating sites, and at times, it outperforms them.

Try SecretBenefits for yourself to see if it’s a good platform for finding a perfect match, whether you’re having a look for something meaningful or something more informal. Good luck in your search for the ideal sugar baby!