Rondevo.com review 2022: what are the benefits of this dating site


Do you really want to discover your soul mate among Slavic ladies and start dating seriously?  This matchmaking Rondevo dating app will assist you in achieving your goal. They are confident that if you do choose this service to meet your love, you will not be disappointed.

What we know about Rondevo

Rondevo is another one of those exceptional dating sites that have remained successful even after a decade in the industry. It’s no wonder that real and lovely female profiles on the app have such a high level of popularity and success. They are mainly from Eastern Europe, and we know those girls are the prettiest.

On various forums, Slavic women’s attractiveness is aggressively and shamelessly mistreated. Seeing intelligent people keep everything genuine and deliver the most excellent dating services is extremely valuable. The fact that Rondevo is one of such good sites to provide you with a great time is a pleasant surprise.

In many great stories associated with Rondevo, women are chosen for their specific goals rather than beauty or elegance.

Site Features & Functionality

So, how does it work? Basic search parameters on the rondevo webpage include:

  • Gender and sexuality;
  • Age group;
  • With photo only/Show all;
  • Online now/All Profiles;

More advanced criteria can be used to do more in-depth searches.

You can use localized filters to find people that are interested in matchmaking in your neighborhood. You also have the option of making a biography video, which makes you stand out and distinguish yourself from other users.

On the Rondevo online dating site, you may send each other brief text messages and extended notes. Photos, emoticons, memes, and videos can be sent and received.

You can swap personal information and set up actual dates with someone you like. View your connections and use the web to discover true love.

Free/Paid Functions

The program is technically available for free download. However, since the Rondevo dating app is not a freebie, you will have to pay for these services if you want to utilize them efficiently.

Following the installation of the application, you will also be able to:

  1. Find people that suit your personal criteria using various search methods, then check their accounts, browse photographs, and watch videos they’ve uploaded.
  2. Look at viewers on your profile, including those who have Liked you, pinned your profile to their Favorites, and delivered virtual and physical presents to others.
  3. Everything on the website or app will cost you coins which you can purchase with real money.

Getting to know the site and registering

Traveling between continents is an attractive option, but it is still not commonly accessible. Rondevo allows us to meet people we would never meet in real life.

You have easy accessibility to the profile pool after registering on Rondevo. You can start chatting online with whomever you want right away.

Rondevo login

rondevo login

Make doubly sure you are authorized to engage in the Services provided by the platform before creating an account on Rondevo.

You must give a valid email account, login, password, and other data to become a user.

You can also log in with your social media credentials.

Rondevo signup

rondevo singup

You can access the platform anytime, from a computer or a smartphone. Rondevo’s user interface is straightforward and well-designed. Every configuration is simple to manage, from e-mail reminders to automated account top-up.

If you don’t have any requirements, you can browse the list before finding someone who attracts you. Alternatively, if you have an image of someone you’d like to communicate with, make it easy with the search tool and fill in all required fields.

Rondevo delete account

rondevo delete account

Termination includes removing the membership from Rondevo’s databases and the total destruction of all data associated with a member’s account. At the user’s request, the site can collect all personal data and deliver it to them in a thorough and accessible format.

Accounts may be terminated for various reasons, including absence for three months, violations of all the Terms, safety concerns, etc. You may cancel your subscription at any moment for any excuse by emailing Rondevo’s customer service department through the email mentioned on their website.

Rondevo Verification

The platform makes every effort to ensure that your website is safe and secure by implementing the essential safeguards and security precautions.

You must authenticate your email before accessing your rondevo membership. You can report a user for additional examination if you believe they are a scammer.

Is rondevo a scam?

Rondevo is a well-known and reputable online dating service. This platform is one of the most popular dating websites right now, with over a million active members. It’s entirely safe and appropriate for someone looking for love on the internet. As a result, it’s a completely legitimate and trustworthy dating site.

Interface secret benefits

The Rondevo team of dedicated professionals goes to great lengths to ensure that its members are happy. They are continually improving the quality of their services by changing the platform’s appearance and functionalities for the comfort of visitors, attempting to fix any issues customers may have and rethinking the breadth of services supplied.



  1. It’s simple to meet others who share your values.
  2. Its customer support team has taken all known precautions to ensure the safety of its members when it comes to online dating.


  1. Photos have been modified in some way.
  2. App features are pretty pricey.

The cost

As for credits, currency on the website used to access all the features you need, prices are:

  • 20 credits: $2.99
  • 50 credits: $28.99
  • 125 credits: $64.99
  • 250 credits: $99.99
rondevo price

Interesting facts about secret benefits

People who want to find foreign romances and partnerships can use this dating website. So, if you’re going to meet somebody from a different country, you should certainly join this platform to find your life companion.