Hitwe.com Review


Whereas online dating sites are becoming more and more popular among singles, there is a category of people who’d rather try meeting someone on Facebook. Yep, for some souls, the regular online dating platforms with their matchmaking algorithms don’t seem natural and generally just don’t feel right. And if you are one of those people, we’ve got something that you might like. Hitwe.com is somewhere between a typical dating site and a social media platform. In this Hitwe dating site review, we’re going to examine it more closely and see if it lives up to all the hype. Let’s not waste another minute. 

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Member Structure

Hitwe is a dating site for young adults since the majority of its users are in their 20s and 30s. You’ll hardly find someone older than 40 years old, so it’s probably not the best place for more mature visitors (unless you want to feel like a college professor among students). As to the gender proportion, it’s a solid 50/50. But here’s a thing, people on Hitwe aren’t very active. Of more than 12 million registered users (and that’s only from the United States!), there are only 3k daily logins on average. The visitors don’t take this community too seriously. And even though most of Hitwe members are interesting and single young people, it feels like they log in just to make friends and play Pet Evolution. If you aren’t looking for a serious relationship, it’s a great option. However, do keep in mind that Hitwe has its fair share of fake users.  

Signing Up

Creating an account on Hitwe is just as easy as on any other dating site. It won’t take you more than a few minutes. It’s possible to sign up via email or Facebook, the platform will take you through a regular verification process and you’ll be able to proceed to set up your profile. The account settings let you tell others a lot about yourself, but some users on Hitwe don’t share too much. They may not upload their real photos and may even use a fake name. At the same time, many visitors are an open book. You can even earn a blue verification sign to prove that you are the real person, but again, it doesn’t mean that all the profiles go through the identity check. 


One thing this platform has that you will rarely see on other sites is the newsfeed, which features the most recent photos uploaded by other users. There’s also an instant chat messaging function, meaning that you don’t have to wait until there’s a match. This feature is actually a selling point for many people. You can also choose between a regular website and Hitwe dating app available for both iOs and Android. We’re always glad to see it when a platform offers the users a decent mobile experience. As for the rest, there’s nothing special that we could distinguish. 

Making Contact

Here’s one thing that makes this platform stand out. Hitwe lets you send messages to all the users. It means that you don’t have to wait until the matchmaking algorithm contacts you with the most suitable person, nor should you wait for the other person to approve your profile first. Most of the dating sites restrict this opportunity, so it feels nice to finally have some freedom. But as you know, one person’s comfort zone ends when the other person’s comfort zone begins. Just because it’s possible to send messages to whoever you want doesn’t mean that the annoying and creepy folks get a permanent green light to bombard your private messages. You can blacklist people you don’t want to see in your inbox. Apart from that, some Hitwe reviews note that this site is all about a roulette-type matching. And there are still the match suggestions, which are based on your location. 

Design and Usability

We saw in one Hitwe app review that there was a problem with random popups, but I guess that’s the price you pay for the ability to use most of its features for free. Overall, both the site and the app are user-friendly and easy to use. The design is rather cute compared to some older sites that we’ve seen. As we’ve already noted at the beginning, it reminds of a social network where users can hang out, scroll through the feed, and even play games. On the scale from 1 to 10, we’d give it a solid 9 for the design. 


Hitwe dating is different from everything you’ve seen before. The community is young, vibrant, and hip, but it doesn’t look like this platform encourages serious relationships. We had a feeling that it’s more like a nice place to kill some time rather than date. But if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, go ahead and create your account!